What we whisper the stars?

Astrological Compatibility Leo and Taurus - it's a real dark forest ... Love and passion that prevails in this union, absolutely nothing.In most cases, their relationship is kept thanks to the sexual compatibility and ... children!

the part of the union can be called a harmonious, but not so simple.Inside the couple passions run high.The fact that the Taurus requires devotion and loyalty to their loved ones.This is a proof that Taurus appreciated and loved.Lions prefer to worship and compliments in his address.They need to constantly admire them.However, neither the one nor the other can not get what you want from the partners, which leads to frustration.

Spiritual compatibility of Leo and Taurus

From the first minutes of their relationship will not develop in the best way.Between them there is a paradox of relations: partners will be able to feel the strength and power of each other, however, will continue to experience a global misunderstanding.This antisovmestimost Leo and Taurus is caused

by unwillingness to compromise each of the partners.They can not listen to the views and desires of each other.To achieve consensus they need to make their relationship more sensual and deep, slow to change their outlook on life.They need to stop undermine self-esteem of each other.Unfortunately, this can not go all the pairs.It is easier to just get a divorce.

Love Compatibility Leo and Taurus

Stars warn that a long and happy life together in Leo with Taurus is not planned.Bring your soul mate to the registrar Taurus unlikely.This case is not "on the horns."If this happens, it is not for long: permanent family dramas and scandals will lead to an early divorce.

Taurus with Leo so different in nature signs of the zodiac, that even their friendly compatibility there can be no question.However, there is one argument that enables both partners to forget about their mutual claims and grievances.These are kids.Both partners, as well as any other parents who are able to unite in the face of danger.

Taurus and Leo friendship or hostility?

As mentioned above, the spiritual aspirations of Taurus and Leo are on opposite sides of the equator.Leo utmost to fame and did not want to be dependent on certain circumstances, while a staunch conservative, seeking to keep all purchased and acquired.Therefore, neither of which friendship is not out of the question.If the two of them as a link in the family life are only the children, then what to speak of friendship!

Leo and Taurus - is a constant complex zodiacal combination.It is the element of Water and Fire.Taurus is stubborn and unbearable, and Leo idle ranting and raving.No wonder he is the leader of a pair of Taurus.He loves himself.It's hard to believe, but it is this feature of Leo and Taurus attracted to him ... The last - the real enemy Leo.He shamelessly will use it for their own gain, and then blaming all the details!What do you call such a relationship, it's not love or calculation?This, my friends, hatred ...