Compatibility Dev-Aquarius women and men: different nature, different lives

Compatibility Dev-Aquarius women and men rarely goes into loving relationships and especially marriage.This is due to basic human intuition: at the beginning of dating partners feel a radical difference in the character, habits, preferences and try to keep your distance.Family life will link two very different people's hands and feet, no one nor the other is simply not necessary.

contradictory attitude of Aquarius and Virgo due to different elements.What could be more common at the Air and Earth, transparency and impermeability, accessibility and isolation?Every absolutely sure that they are right, and both will always hold opposing positions.Stubbornness and a complete unwillingness to accept the views of the other does not flatten or quiet character of the Virgin, nor innate gentleness of Aquarius.Both partners will establish new rules to impose endless restrictions and themselves to ruin them, creating chaos.Eventually this will lead to one - parting.

only thing that can happen in a couple of Aq

uarius and Virgo - friendship.Air and Earth will never understand each other, but that does not mean that the two of them uninteresting.Virgin attracts giddiness and even extravagant Aquarius, which will become a bright beam of light in a friendly couple.And that, in turn, do not get tired to solve puzzles, which is filled with a mysterious character of the Virgin, because it is his favorite pastime.

Although compatibility Dev-Aquarius women and men in percentage is small, they may get a very good future.What is important is to look at the habits and character of each other to create rules of the game and start to act, but not immediately, but gradually.The good news is that in a couple of a long time may take candy buketny period until both learn to coexist side by side.Their relationship to freely flow from one form to another, and yet not bound by family ties both just at hand.

Compatibility Dev-Aquarius women and men can thrive on mutual acquire new knowledge, exchange of experience.Both partners are very inquisitive, they are distinguished by a lively mind and a thirst for intellectual heights.During the joint exercises, reading books or watching movies, and then a discussion of what he saw or read often forgotten all opposition.So Aquarius and Virgo are learning to cooperate and understand that together they are not that bad ...

However, differences still manifest themselves in the home, up to the last detail.Get at least a rational Virgin that counts every penny and meticulously plans the family budget.Aquarius is more frivolous in this regard and often neglect financial problems.This is just one of the stumbling blocks.Aquarius - inveterate dreamers, risk, and are in constant motion.Virgin, on the other hand, timidly apply to all new, practical and sensible.Get along with Aquarius, floating in the clouds, a rare virgin will be able to do.Conversely, windy partner for such mundane woman would be a heavy burden, which would not want to take on his shoulders.

What can I say - different nature.Therefore, in the horoscope compatibility Dev-Aquarius women and men is only 38%.