Species Management

Management - a system of specific actions aimed at the proper coordination and ordering of all elements of the system, which allows to make any moves as possible coherence and effectiveness to achieve the highest results of operation.Any subject of management, acting in the framework of the given program and strictly adhere to predetermined rules and systems, contributes to the objective of bringing to the subjective goals planned.What is so dangerous lack of control?First of all the fact that the controlled movement of subjects usually leads to anarchy (element, chaos).

Management activities - this is the main support in the organization / planning any action.It is determined according to the chosen goal or task, and, as a rule, entrusted to professionals, selected according to the type of activity or a specific subject of management focus.Types of control conventionally positioned as follows: structural or non-structured.

structural control is performed directly by reference to objects through ce

rtain commands.That is the main manager of the unit, to accelerate workflows, as well as to the necessary performance monitoring, implementing management actions directly in person, in the course of activities, adjusting and controlling the work of the subjects of their movement in the right direction according to the goal.These types of control are used in society most in government or organized activity of a large number of subjects, combined to perform clearly defined tasks or actions.

structureless control is not as effective as structured and often occurs unchecked and even unconsciously, but is a component of certain plants subject.It does not involve the use of an open command with respect to the control object.Instead, it creates the necessary information field or the circumstances in connection with the direct effect of which the object unconsciously make decisions and perform acts necessary in the circumstances (depending on the desired settings).This object may not be aware that his actions any controls, whether a certain person or the circumstances.

Forms Management:

- mechanical or technical, that is, machines, technological processes;

- biological - the vital processes of living organisms;

- social - is the management of public processes, including people and organizations.

All kinds of management focused primarily on the correct adjustment of action and achievement of goals and objectives, accompanying the subjects for a long time.They differ on the types and appointments, specific features, as well as the frequency and intensity, variety of functions and purposes.There may be as professionally directed and natural, that is created by the surrounding circumstances, is not so much dependent on the subjects.

In general, it should be noted that nothing in the world could not exist without control.Chaos - this is not something that helps society and the world evolve.Management - the basis of life.It is present always and everywhere.What we do not see and do not feel it, yet nothing said.Proper management leads to the highest result, wrong - failure.Management - is absolutely clear and precise sequence of actions that must be pre-designed.