Dream Interpretation: what dreams that catch fish

As you know, a man can dream in dream happen.Let us now try to understand what dreams that catch fish.The answer to this question will try to look at several sources.Each offers its own interpretation of dreams.

to fish in a dream: the dream book David Lofa

This source considers this a dream as a reflection of the aspirations of the dreamer in search of funds to meet their needs, or some things, carefully hidden from prying eyes.It is also the dream of fishing may be evidence of inherent dreamer primitive fears that it is very difficult to control.In addition, a dream in which you see yourself in the role of the fisherman is able to promise future long trips and travel.

Dreams Tsvetkov: what dreams that catch fish

This vision is regarded by the compilers of the dream book as a harbinger of the disease (in the case of successful fishing), or as a sign that promises happy to get rid of any problems or illness (inif, despite the efforts, you failed to catch any fish).

Dream book from A to Z: what dreams that catch fish

dream in which you see the fishing and using bait, promises a lesson somehow unpromising affair that will not bring you any income,but only take up valuable time.If in the process you are using a network, such a dream can be a precursor to illness of someone close to you.Fishing methods proscribed by various promises or poaching in the real life of a period full of challenges and troubles of various kinds.

Masters dreams Dream book: fishing dream

This source is considering a similar dream as a symbol of hope, creative ideas and inspiration.The main thing - the right time to catch the "wave" and not be afraid to implement all plans.

newest dream book: fish in a dream

This vision is interpreted as a need to make a lot of effort, as well as make full use of their imagination and the whole experience to resolve some unexpected situation arose.A dream in which a woman dreams that she is fishing in the last year, promises her pregnancy.For men like vision can mean the need for re-evaluation of their own moral positions.If you dream that you are hooking the fishing line fish, awaits you the favor of not indifferent person.

Dreams XXI century: what dreams that catch fish

drafters of this source is considered a dream about catching fish as the possibility of reconciliation with enemies and opponents.It is possible that they will bring good arguments that will make you forgive their past grievances.The situation is also likely that you even build that with their past enemies friendships, as well as organizing a fruitful business partnership.Therefore, if the person with whom you are in a bad relationship, trying to make peace with you, listen to it.It is possible that in the future it will be your best and loyal friend.