What woman has to feed the baby in a dream?

Feed the baby in a dream - it means to take care of someone in reality.Chances are you - a generous man did not hesitate to share with others the warmth of his soul, and available resources.What did they give you in return?

woman feeding an infant

In the dream, give your baby the breast - an omen of good events.You are full of strength and energy that it is time to spend on the implementation of a plan for a long time!You all must succeed!That's what this portends a woman's sleep.To breastfeed a child - to be loved by their families.Their support will help you to reach unprecedented heights.Do not hesitate to ask for help to the native people.They will support you in your new endeavors.If you see your baby now adult child, then it is its success will be the basis of your good mood.In addition, feed the baby in the dream means that you get rid of the pain and resentment, which did not allow you to live in peace lately.They will be replaced by the joy of fast pleasant events.You again, as in his you

nger years, will cherish the dream of love!If a child is hungry, and in your breast milk is not, then you are a good man offend inattention, as soon regret.

feeding someone else's child

If you apply to his chest, filled with milk, baby alien, then hit his generosity of others.Soon someone of your friends will need support, you will be happy.So you act to gain the approval of others and are immensely grateful to his friend.But this is only if the baby is healthy.If the baby is sick, your care will not be appreciated.Ingratitude would be the answer to your kindness - that is the dream.Feeding an infant, ugly or diseased, cautions against excessive kindness.As they say, do not ask - do not help.

to feed a baby girl in a dream

unmarried and not to have such a charmer image does not bode well.Her happiness was about ready to leave it.We need a more conscious approach to their deeds, not neglecting modesty.Dream Woman warns against hasty words or actions for which it will certainly be condemned.And if the baby is a stranger, you will be credited with flaws that you have never been.Strange rumors repel evil from you loved.It is necessary to speak openly with him, leaving him to believe outside hex.Feeding a child from a bottle - you will be able to do a good deed.

man feeding baby in a dream

father of the family to see how his wife puts a baby to her breast - happiness.After such a dream all the projects will be free to develop, bringing pleasure and profit.The family will be provided not only necessary!The man will be able to give their families what they have long dreamed of.Himself to feed the baby - on your neck thoroughly zasyadet parasite, you will find "vampire."But get rid of the boarder will not be so easy.He will long to spoil your mood and get rid of assets.Feed the baby bottle - a heavy, but promising work.