Responsibilities of the system administrator

Modern principles of organization of work require a large amount of equipment.The whole system of collection, processing and storage of information is computerized.In order to properly organize the work requires a specialist who will deal with these issues.It is the duty of the system administrator.

in our country does not officially exist the post.Therefore, the system administrator duties in any organization are regulated independently.But there is a certain list of requirements for the profession.

is the responsibility of the system administrator to enable control over a computer network that exists in the company, to ensure continuous operation of all equipment, installing special programs that facilitate the processing and accounting data from different departments.This person is responsible for information security, and monitors the work of the server.If your company has its own PBX, the system administrator responsibilities include the maintenance thereof.

On the basis of this to the pers

on applying for this position, make certain demands.The first - is the availability of education is not lower than the average, and sometimes only the best.Experience in this field is desirable.Specificity of activity requires a perfect command of a computer, know the basic operating system and application software, have experience with servers.It is also necessary to know the English language.

This office belongs to the category of specialists.

Besides excellent knowledge of the computer, the system administrator in charge includes the study of some general issues relating to the company.

First of all, it's documentation, orders, directives, regulations and other regulations, which are accepted by the parent bodies and relevant not only to programming techniques, but also to all the companies.

also need to examine the technical documentation, particularly exploitation of computational tools, specificity and mode of operation of the equipment.

necessary to thoroughly examine the software used.

In its work, the system administrator is faced with small breakdowns and malfunctioning computer equipment.Therefore, some basic trouble he will have to resolve on their own, without resorting to the services of specialists.For this purpose it is necessary to know the structure of all computer systems.

Responsibilities system administrator make the necessary knowledge of methods and programming languages, standards, codes and related codes.

Particular attention is paid to the security of computer networks and the organization of its protection against unauthorized entry.

system administrator must know as the internal rules existing in the company's rules of conduct and the basics of occupational safety, labor laws, the basics of fire safety and sanitary standards.

system administrator job description, taken in a particular enterprise, and include rights as the person who holds that office.It is, above all, can make changes in the rules governing the use of the network.The system administrator has the right to enjoy and have access to all documentation necessary to work.He may submit proposals for consideration by senior management to improve the performance and improvement of the computer system.

system administrator should constantly improve their knowledge in the field of computer research, new software, programming and technical support.This person must be sociable and inquisitive.