Who are the Mujahideen?

Today in the world there are many radical groups that are forcibly trying to achieve some of their goals.In this article you will learn who the mujahideen.You can read about the most common groups and their locations.

Who are the Mujahideen?

This irregular armed groups whose aim is to fight for the faith.They have a radical orientation.That is, to solve their problems, they used cold steel and firearms.Since the beginning of its existence, and they were formed in the late 70s, the Mujahideen were considered rebels, who are fighting against the invading enemies, the infidels in their countries.The largest group is Afghanistan.

collected formation of the local men who are not involved in the regular army.Naturally, the Mujahideen Army requires a constant and considerable funding, so they are often interested in the redistribution of power and spheres of influence.In addition there are Syrian Afghan and Chechen formations.

History of Afghan mujahideen

It started in 1979 when Soviet troops entered

the country.Their main task was to fight against the "educational" activities of the Union and its attempts to overthrow the current government.However, after the war groups were disbanded.They formed another movement - the Taliban.It should be noted that the Afghan Mujahideen have another name - "spooks."

main driving force of these groups was, and still is faith.That is, they started a "holy war" Jihad with all those who did not share their views.At the same time, Afghans considered it their duty to destroy this Muslim infidels.For this, according to the Mujahideen, they should be sure to go to heaven after death.

In principle, the rebels could not always be distinguished from a peaceful citizen.The fact that the spooks were dressed in the same way as ordinary people: in a simple shirt, black vest and turban.

Features of activity groups

Once you know who the mujahideen, read about how they were fighting.In principle, the rebel army was divided into groups, which differ in size and composition.Their main activities are:

- terrorist acts;

- sabotage operations;

- missile attacks on aircraft and ground combat units of Soviet troops;

- ambush with mining of strategic assets (mainly runs);

- firing on convoys of vehicles with military and humanitarian aid.

total number of Mujahideen in 1989 was a quarter of a million people.It must be said that they acted peculiar.That is, the group tried to bypass a direct clash with the regular troops, which, of course, superior to them in numbers.However, they did not conduct a full-scale war against the invaders, did not try to take a broken-off objects for a long time and often acted unexpectedly.

presented radical formation, first tried to conduct an active propaganda among the local population, to learn about the "enemy", the infidels who want to seize their land.Because of this they can to recruit more civilians.Next, using the terrorist attacks and sabotage paves the way for the complete annihilation of the enemy.And subsequently carried out widespread sweep the enemy.

armed rebels

Now that you know who the mujahideen, it's time to tell what they have the combat power.First of all, it must be said that all the weapons that are used by rebels to buy in China and the United States.On the balance of the units were Kalashnikovs, rifles desyatizaryadnye BUR, large-caliber machine guns, RPGs, automatic rifles M-16A1, mortars, large-caliber guns.In addition, they are equipped with anti-aircraft guns and mining installations, portable complexes to destroy aircraft.

Even in the arsenal of the Mujahideen were antitank and antipersonnel mines, grenades and bombs.Due to such arming rebel army, constantly funded by interested parties, could cause serious damage to enemy troops.After all, everyone knows how many were killed Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan.

Guide radical groups and their allies

If about who the mujahideen, you have already read, you will probably wonder who led these groups.The most famous leaders of the groups of radicals were Ismail Khan, Abdul Ali Mazari, Said Mansour and others.

In addition, several times the leaders of individual groups gathered in alliances.The first such alliance was founded in 1982 and was called "Peshawar Seven".The headquarters of the formation in Pakistan.Next it was organized by "Alliance of eight."In every education included, respectively, 7 and 8 of the Afghan parties.

Afghan mujahideen were allies MI6 (British intelligence), the CIA, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, China and Iran.Activities of groups funded by sponsorship, unprofessional gold mining, as well as the sale of drugs.

Features Syrian Mujahideen

must say that such a radical act of education not only in Afghanistan.For example, the Mujahideen in Syria - more than 400 groups that act against the government in the same radical way.A huge influence on the development of such a movement has Saudi Arabia, which contributed to the "Army of Islam".

peculiarity presented by entities is that the only legislative body for them is sharia.Naturally, before the emergence of the Army in Syria occurred spheres of influence, whereby the head of the rebels began mujahideen radicals.I must say that the members of these groups also occur collision.

To date, the most influential group in the country is the "Brigade of Islam", which strictly competes with other entities.The number of Mujahideen in Syria today is rapidly increasing.

Features of activity of the Chechen Mujahideen

represented groups were formed during the first invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Chechnya in 1994.During this period, the Russian troops were to take control of unrecognized education - Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.However, a radical movement that demanded secession from the Russian Federation and the formation of their own state, did not want to give up.Chechen Mujahideen have deployed active not only in the region but throughout Russia.

in their activity is dominated and occupied still acts of terrorism and sabotage operations.It should be noted that the Chechen radical formation are still very dangerous, and continue their "war of liberation".

How are the Mujahideen and the Taliban?

Basically, the main unifying factor of these groups is to conduct a "holy war."However, the Taliban and the Mujahideen have different views on the ways of confrontation.Especially the traditional jihad entitles the winning side of the plunder and mock surrendered population.This trend, and have chosen for themselves the Taliban.Their main task is the organization of the state, without which the Sharia can not act.In addition, the main driving force is the belief of the Taliban.Wealth is not important to them.Because of their ignorance, these people are very cruel.

As for the Mujahideen, they depart somewhat from the traditional (and until 1992).The objective of their struggle is control over resources.They are more educated and do not abandon the property.