The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

twentieth century has brought in most of the world religious freedom.People had the opportunity to choose to believe in a god and how to follow the religious rites.One of the first used it Tatars scattered throughout the CIS countries, which began to return en masse to the faith of their ancestors.In addition, many parents began to refuse early baptism of their children, justifying it by the fact that the descendants should consciously come to God and to choose their own spiritual path.

active position occupied various charlatans nasozdavali abundance of sects and pseudo-religious doctrines aimed mainly to replenish wallets creators by gullible flock.

However, the most interesting passage appears the so-called Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (aka - pastafarianstvo).And just two factors: firstly, it does not seek to take away funds from their supporters, and secondly, the international community has not yet come to a consensus that it is - a global joke or a serious religious direction.

Several different views

Some people believe that the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - quite persuasive spiritual teaching that has on a solid philosophical, scientific and religious base.And they claim that pastafarianstvo more justified in its essence, than the vast majority of other religions.

basic amount of the people is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as a successful joke, almost an April Fool's hoax.They can understand that very much comical exterior accessories that religion.

Supporters of traditional churches (especially the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant) perceive the new teaching as the desecration of their symbols and Legal Code, a mockery of all that is holy to them.

story of pastafarianstva

Faith in macaroni monster itself is very young.There she was only in 2005 through the efforts of a certain Robert (Bobby) by the name of Henderson.He was very indignant at the school must study the course "Intelligent Design," the word of God like lessons in pre-revolutionary Russia.This concept intended to replace evolutionary theory.

future prophet whom he subsequently announced Spaghetti Monster Church, said that there is no evidence that God created the world.Therefore, we can just as well assume that in its creation participated pasta with meatballs.So the founder of the new trend called to study it in all schools on a par with other subjects.

Value name

Initially religion macaroni monster conceived as a parody and a protest.This is reflected in the title pastafarianstva.The first part comes from the pasta (tracing from the Italian language), the second - from the Jamaican Rastafarian.Pasta - this is understandable, yet the creator of things is spaghetti monster.But the idea of ​​religion Jamaica somewhat modified.If the island is a part of faith is marijuana, then pastafarianstve it replaced the cult of beer.

main provisions of the new religion

basic principle of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - unprovability and neoprovergaemost no postulates.Its followers believe that any proof of something rigged by the creator of which remains, though insensible, but applicable to this day.That is, finding scientific proof of this hypothesis, the scientist actually does not receive an accurate result, he thinks, and what he wants to see or show the person himself Spaghetti Monster.

inviolable dogma pastafarianstva - complete denial of any and all dogmas.

in paradise will include all, regardless of faith.Flying Spaghetti Monster (official site claims it definitely) indifferent to whether people support it.A paradise of beer waiting for the volcano to which anyone can apply.It has promised some "factory striptease", but somehow not very refined, that it represents.

have pastafariantsev has its counterpart procession called pastnym;Each prayer ends with the word "Ramin" (Amen symbiosis of classic Japanese soup and name all the same pasta).Those who are close to the belief Spaghetti Monster, is considered holy pirates, a bad reputation which is caused by the fact that they lied.

holy book LMM

2006 blessed the world that was created by the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.And not just written, but also issued a fairly large circulation.It announced on Friday the main holiday, which in this case does not necessarily celebrate.However, it is necessary to mark a complete doing nothing.

Pastafariantsy paid tribute not only to Christianity.They have holiday ramindan suspiciously like Ramadan.This day should eat noodles soluble.There are also Halloween and pirates probably replace the Catholic All Saints' Day.

Gospel of Spaghetti Monster bestowed his followers and commandments that you observe is not fundamentally, since the doctrine generally denies dogma.

Commandments pastafarianstva

They are presented more in the form of recommendations, "it would be better not to do something."A total of 8, and some of them in something similar to Christian precepts, but are set out in a soft, humorous and modern traditions.In principle, the result of these recommendations can be summarized in two positions: Behave yourself and enjoy life.If the first well correlated with Christianity, the second is fundamentally contradicts it.

most zealous follower

most active faith in Spaghetti Monster confesses resident of Austria, who fought for three years with the bureaucratic apparatus of the country for the right to be with a colander on his head on the photo for a driver's license.He still was able to prove that this kitchen appliance is an integral part of his religious robes, and finally to the world and proudly showed their "headgear" and the photo on the Rights therein.

can say Austrian has fully complied with its duty to the faith: brought to the nonsense and absurdity most ordinary everyday process.

Distribution pastafarianstva in the world: Russia

new religion gradually expands its distribution territory.Fertile ground for it was Russia, where it's always loved to joke themselves in a position to estimate the extent of another draw, and the joy of life in the form of beer and idleness also leave the Russians indifferent.

first pastafariantsev on Russian territory was not so much, but in January 2011 they began their work site.In the late spring of virtual supporters Flying Spaghetti Monster was two thousand.Began to be issued certificates for the believers.The new doctrine in Russia, began to gain momentum.In 2013, it became possible to talk about the registration of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster in Moscow (until a religious group).The statement was written on July 12 and August 17 have already been held pastny move.

now Group pastafariantsev exist in Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg, Tver, Vologda and some other cities.

Some observers believe that "macaroni Church", which is a protest and satire in Russia is beginning to acquire a solid scale of a religious organization.Lawyers pastafariantsy seriously preparing documents for the registration of a new church, and themselves the founders of the Russian branch of this doctrine are preparing for the necessary expertise, the Commission and overcome various obstacles.However, they do it all the same, in accordance with the precepts of his monster, saying that denied - is also an occasion to joke and neighing.

Orthodoxy is cautious in their assessments of what is happening.Whether the bishops do not take seriously the Church Spaghetti Monster, or even heard of it, or not to draw parallels between his faith and pastafarianstvom.However, believers are indignant with the ideas of the founding father of Kansas, and religious organization, "God's will", even aggressively behaved during pastnogo stroke.

Distribution pastafarianstva in the world: Ukraine

no less active in this regard and the neighbors Ukrainians.Last year, October 11 (as it should be, in the holy day of Friday) was registered "pastafarianskaya Ukrainian church," though not as a religion but as a public organization.The next day, supporters held a Spaghetti Monster pastny move, noting the successful registration.People were a little bit - about three dozen, but the procession came a cheerful, almost without conflict and colorful.Of course, we met unfriendly minded passers-threatening tortures beyond the grave, but on the whole everything was pretty cute.

long gone days when heterodoxy was punished, often by death.Worldwide loudly proclaimed toleration and tolerance, loyalty to the spiritual world of man.All the more strange to meet aggressive remarks against parody, mocking, absurd and frivolous Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.Even if someone is annoying waiting posthumous beer volcano from pastafariantsev, this is not a reason to declare them heretics and blasphemers.Let them bring their actions to outright clowning - maybe these people are just tired of being unbearable seriousness and relaxing way.It is not necessary to suspect a neighbor that offends the religious feelings of your own way to pray.A truly deep and sincere believer hurt quite difficult, unless a fanatic.