Goddess Psyche - the personification of the soul.

goddess Psyche and myths about it at all times, enjoyed great popularity.Particularly beautiful and romantic story is considered its relationship with Cupid (Eros).This story was the basis for a variety of works of art.Some psychologists believe that this myth is not just a fairy tale, but a deep, philosophical work.

goddess Psyche: who is she?

in Greek (and Roman) culture Psyche is a kind of personification of the soul.Most often described as the goddess of the girl with wings, sometimes depicted as a butterfly.By the way, some sources there are stories about how Eros with torch chasing butterfly, probably because there was all well-known proverb and a favorite analogy.

Psyche butterfly depicted on tombstones tissues next to the skull and other important symbols of death.Frescoes from this goddess have been found during excavations of Pompeii - it is painted with the pencil, some flute and other musical attributes.A fresco house Vettii depict different scenes in which Eros and Psyche gather flo

wers, working at oil mill, etc.Incidentally, the gems created in III-I centuries BC, described a lot of different interpretations of the story of love between two gods.

Where did the myth of Psyche and Cupid?

impossible to find out exactly when in folklore were the first mention of the goddess of the soul-and the tragic story of her love.The first small mention found in the works of Homer and other historians of the time.

Fully myth is contained in Apuleius - a famous Roman writer and philosopher.About the author is only known that he was born in one of the African provinces of Rome, namely Madavre.Apuleius in his life created a lot of work, and he wrote on Latin and Greek.The most famous work of the writer is a novel, "The Golden Ass" (another name - "Metamorphoses"), created in the second century AD.This novel consists of eleven volumes, and came to us all of them, except for a few corrupt pages.It was in "Metamorphosis" Apuleius wrote about Eros and Psyche - in the form of a myth and has reached our days.

Love Story of Psyche: Part One

According to legend, one of the king had three daughters, the youngest of whom - Psyche.Goddess (yet simple girl) was so beautiful that men from all over the world come to admire its beauty.Over time, she began to worship as a god, forgetting about Aphrodite, which could not displease her.

That is why, using different methods, Aphrodite persuaded the father of Psyche clothe daughter in wedding dress and marry for the most terrible monster.She suddenly found herself in an unknown castle beside her husband, who gave her condition - she must never see his face.

When happy and pregnant Psyche went to visit his parents, sisters scare her by saying that the terrible monster, which her husband, soon eat her and the unborn child.Trusting Psyche that night, armed with a lamp and a dagger, he went into the bedroom to her husband, where she first saw her husband's beautiful face of Eros.Astonishment and surprise, she leans heavily lamp - a few drops fell on the skin of the spouse.When Eros awoke and realized that it was going to make Psyche, he dumped her.

pregnant and abandoned woman doomed to wander the earth until she finds her beloved husband.In this way it was waiting for a lot of barriers.But in the end, she managed to find out that Eros is in the house of his mother Aphrodite - are troubled girl and she met the great goddess.Vicky also agreed to fulfill every whim in-law in the hope of seeing Eros.

four tests for the Soul from the perspective of psychologists

Aphrodite told the girl that will allow her to meet with her son only if it is able to perform four tasks.All tasks were almost impossible, but every time Psyche miraculously managed to solve them.Psychologists also your opinion on this matter.After each completed task the woman to acquire new knowledge and skills.It is not just doing our best to meet with your favorite - it has evolved to become worthy of God.

example, first Aphrodite took the girl in the room with a huge bunch of different seeds and told to sort them.Psychologists believe this is an important symbolism.Before making a final big decision, a woman should be able to understand their feelings, to cast away the fears, to separate from something important completely unimportant.

Then Psyche was to get some golden fleece from the sun rams.These huge beasts trampled to aggressive girl, she ventured to pass between them.But Reed told her to wait for the night, when the animals leave the field.From the perspective of psychology, such a task is a metaphor - a woman should be able to gain strength, without losing the characteristics of his personality, the ability to empathize.

The third task Psyche was forbidden to draw water from a source that crashes down from the cracks of the high cliffs.Of course, she could break the death, if in this case to help her came an eagle.Some experts believe that such a metaphor refers to the ability to see the big picture, which is very important for the solution of some problems.

last task - to bring the underground kingdom of the box with healing ointments.Yes, go down into the pit of death was the same.But the essence of the job - to focus on their objectives and, if necessary, to say "no."After Psyche on the road I met a lot of people, begging her to share medicine.Thus, the woman does not allow itself to be used, even pity and heartfelt sympathy.

End of story

When Psyche was returning from the underworld, she decided to use a little salve of the casket, to erase the traces of suffering from the face before a meeting with her husband.She did not know that in fact in the trunk was the spirit of Hypnos - the god of sleep.And after all the wandering Psyche fell asleep soundly.It found her Eros, waking his arrow of love.

Then God took his love of restriction to Olympus, where Zeus received permission to marry.Thunder gave the girl immortality and attached it to the pantheon of gods.Goddess Psyche and Eros had a baby - voluptas, goddess of pleasure.Only the union of soul and love can generate real pleasure, real happiness.

Myth or Reality?

Many readers perceive myths like some fantastic tale.In fact, it's not quite true - the experts involved in the study of ancient myths, says that every such story carries a very deep philosophy.

Psychologists often use the image of Psyche for analogies.And Jung explained the appearance of similar myths and description of different people of the same event proof of the existence of so-called "collective unconscious."

educators, teachers and psychologists believe that reading myth - a useful exercise, since it allows in a comprehensible way to explain a particular situation, feelings, ethical rules and laws.

Greek myth in literature

Really romantic story fusion of soul and love stories became the basis for many well-known literary works.In particular, Jean de La Fontaine created the "Love of Cupid and Psyche."Hippolyte Bogdanovich used to create the myth of "Darling".There are also "Ode to Psyche", written by John Keats."Psyche" have A.Kuprin, Bryusov, M. Tsvetaeva.A well-known work Suskind, "Perfume.Story of a Murderer "spirits are named in honor of the goddess.

And yet the myth of Psyche, at least its echoes can be seen in folk art and children's stories.One need only recall the "Cinderella," "Beauty and the Beast", as well as a variety of fairy tales, where the evil older sister pretty spoil the life of the main character - really a lot of such works.

history of the goddess of music

Of course, such a meaningful and philosophical myth could not ignore and musicians.The story of Cupid and Psyche was used to create the masses of these masterpieces.In particular, in 1678 there was a lyric tragedy (opera) by Jean-Baptiste Lully, entitled "Psyche."By the way, the author used a libretto by Tom Corneille.And Cesar Frank has created an oratorio called "Psyche" for symphony orchestra and choir.

If you talk about more contemporary art, then in 1996 in the city of Kurgan was founded musical group "Psyche", working in the style of alternative rock.

Visual Arts: the myth of Cupid and Psyche

Naturally, tens and even hundreds of artists have used the myth as the main subject for his paintings.After Psyche - goddess who embodies a passionate, strong and soft at the same time a woman is capable of everything for the opportunity to be together with your loved ones.For example, the huge popularity of the work of Pompeo Batoni, entitled "Marriage of Cupid and Psyche."In 1808 Prud'hon created the painting "Psyche Steals marshmallows."

In 1844, a paper appeared Bouguereau called "The Rapture of Psyche."Masterfully created the painting is considered one of the most popular illustrations of the myth.Cupid and Psyche was often depicted by Raphael, Giulio Romano, as well as P. Rubens.Francois Gerard created a beautiful painting entitled "Psyche receiving the first kiss."Touching love story also depicts A. Canova, Auguste Rodin.