Ancient Greek god Hades.

Ancient Greece - the country of amazing.Her highly developed culture has played a huge role in the development of world civilization.Mythological thinking inherent in the people of the time, she gave birth to a religion in which most intricately intertwined paganism, totemic beliefs, ancestor worship and the influence of world views of other peoples with whom the Greeks touched."The Odyssey" and "Iliad", Hesiod's creation, numerous temples, statues of gods, images - these are the sources from which we can learn a lot about the Great Hellas.

picture of the world and consciousness

At the heart of the mythological consciousness of the ancient Greeks and their culture lie notions of space as a certain living world.In science this is called animate cosmologism-wise.The universe with planets, stars, constellations and the Earth itself with all things, seemed to them alive, endowed with reason and spiritual content.The laws and forces of nature personified by the Greeks in the images of ancient gods - gr

eat and small, their servants and helpers, heroes and Titans.The whole world and everything that happens in it the Greeks perceived as a grand mystery of how the play is played out on the stage of life scenes.Actors in it act as the people themselves, and the deities that control them.The gods were not too distant from the people.They reminded their appearance, habits, personality traits, habits.Because the ancient Greeks might challenge them to disobey and win!This freedom we have not found in other religions.

divine pantheon

The earliest ancient Greek gods, especially the god Hades, are associated with common Indo-European religions that existed in those days.Researchers have found many parallels between the Indian, for example, and Hellenic inhabitants of heaven.When the myths and religion in the minds of the people began to weave all the more closely the Greek pantheon is filled with new "tenants".They were the heroes of myths and legends.Thus, primitive pagan cosmogony joined with religiosity later time.And that is the Olympus, which we know from the works of art, with all its inhabitants was formed not at once.


gods in ancient pantheon of gods to distinguish between older and younger generations.The former is chaos - the darkness and confusion, from which all the others were born then.From the chaos of the Earth was formed - its divine incarnation Greeks called Gaia.Goddess of the night - no one - its appearance heralded the changing time of day.Grim Tartar became the personification of the word "abyss".Later, from a mythical creature, he will turn into a space of infinite darkness, which is controlled by the god Hades.From the chaos born, and Eros - the embodiment of love.The second generation of higher power Greeks believed children of Gaia and Kronos titanium.They were Uranus - ruler of the sky, Pontus - the master of all inland seas, the god Hades - the owner of the underworld and Zeus, Poseidon, Hypnos and many other Olympians.Each of them had their own "sphere of influence", a special relationship with each other and with people.

names of God

God Hades has some own names.The Greeks called it as Hades, and in Roman mythology he is known as Pluto - a huge, lame, black, terrible, fearsome.Finally, Polidegmon (from "poly" - a lot, "degmon" - hold), t. E., "A lot can accommodate," "receiving a lot."That mean old?Only the fact that the Greek god Hades led the kingdom of the dead.In his "diocese" fell all the souls who have left this world.That's why it can accommodate "many", and rare cases where someone could go back.A definition of "a lot of takes, the recipient of gifts" is associated with the myth: each soul, before moving into their new home, to pay tribute to the carrier Charon.It also controls the Greek god Hades.So, those coins that give the soul crossing the Styx, go into the coffers of the ruler of the kingdom of the dead.Because, by the way, there was a custom in ancient Greece: to bury the dead with "the donations."

Hades in Hades

Why Hades - god of the dead?How is it that celestial chose such a gloomy abode?Kronos, fearing competition, devoured his children.According to some sources, the same fate befell Aida.According to other researchers of antiquity, abusive parents gave up their child in the abyss of Tartarus.When the lesser gods revolted against the older, between them there was a ruthless struggle.For thousands of years were a battle, but Zeus, Poseidon and the other children of Kronos won a long-awaited victory.Then they released prisoners, overthrew his father and put him, the Titans and Cyclopes to the place of the recent prisoners, and the whole world is divided into "spheres of influence".as a result of Zeus - the ruler of the sky, and all the higher forces, Hades - god of the underworld, which is also called.Poseidon to take in hand all the water element.The brothers decided to govern together, without conflict and without harming one another.

kingdom of the dead

What represents the realm of the dead, which controls the Greek god Hades?When a person has to say goodbye to life, it is sent to the Hermes - messenger in the winged sandals.He escorts the souls of the border to the shores of the River Styx, which separates the human world from the world of shadows, and transmits them to Charon - the ferryman, to deliver their victims to the underworld.Assistant Charon - Cerberus, the dog-monster with three heads and snakes instead of a collar.He sees to it that no one left to shower and did not return to the earth.At the lowest, remote parts of Aida lies Tartarus, where the entrance is closed iron doors.Generally, in the "dark kingdom of Hades" never gets ray of sunshine.There is melancholy, cold, lonely.The souls of the dead wander through it, filling the space with loud wailing, crying, moaning.Suffering their increasing horror of meetings with ghosts and monsters lurk in the dark.Because it is so hated that place people grief!

Attributes authorities

What identification symbols of the god Hades?He sits in the middle of the main hall of the palace on a luxurious throne of pure gold.Nearby is the wife - always sad, beautiful Persephone.According to legend, the throne that made the Hermes - the god of blacksmithing, the patron of crafts, craftsman.Surround Hades angrily hissing Erinyes - the goddess of revenge, secret torment and suffering.No one to hide from them, any person can easily be tortured them to death!Since Hades - god of the underworld (the photo with ancient images you see in this article) of the dead, he is often depicted with his head backwards.This part painters and sculptors emphasized that he does not look anyone in the eye, they had a deity empty, dead.Another mandatory attribute of Hades - a magic helmet.It makes its wearer invisible.Wonderful armor gave god Cyclops when he rescued them from Tartarus.God never appears without his all-powerful weapon - bidentate forks.Sceptre is decorated with the figure of his three-headed dog.God travels on a chariot, which harnessed only black as night, horses.The element of the god of the dead, of course, earth, ashes, taking the human body in its bowels.And flowers, symbolizing Aida - wild tulips.The ancient Greeks brought him as a sacrifice of black bulls.

nearest environment

But back to the dreaded suite Aida.Also Erin with him is always tough, unrelenting judge, whose name Radamanf and Minos.Dying advance tremble, because they know that each of their unjust step, every sin will be taken into account in the incorruptible court Aida, and no prayers will not be saved from punishment.The huge black wings, similar to those what nature has given bats a cloak of the same color and a sharp sword - so looks like another inhabitant of Hades - Thanatos, god of death.This cuts off the thread of his life weapons and simple farmers, and powerless servant, and mighty king, owner of countless treasures.Before death all are equal - this is the philosophical meaning of this mythical image.Hypnos, the god of the deep dream, pretty boy, too close.He - a twin of Thanatos, so sends dreams sometimes heavy, deep, about which they say "like death".And, of course, the goddess Hecate, the very name of which brings people in awe.

Myths and legends

As with any gods, the god Hades linked to many legends and myths.The most famous - of Persephone, daughter of Zeus and goddess of earth and fertility - Demeter.Extraordinarily beautiful story of Orpheus and Eurydice.Sad myth about a girl named Mint, which had the misfortune like Aida, which caused anger and jealousy attack from Persephone.As a result, we can drink tea with fragrant grass, which, in fact, the girl and the goddess turned!Yes, in the very garden mint.More we remember the popular expression of Sisyphean labor, which is directly linked to Hades.