Welder Mask - a reliable means of protection against harmful factors of the welding process!

course, welding metal is one of the most dangerous for humans, because all the work on welding is accompanied by constant release of harmful substances and factors.One of the most dangerous are: electric arc, bright glow, toxic gases, infrared and ultraviolet radiation.That is why, in order to best protect themselves from such a "bouquet" of troubles, when welding metal workers use a special protective mask, which is called - Masks of the welder.

danger of arcing

First note why it is so dangerous to humans electric arc.This is in the process of such work is the bedrock of arc welding.The temperature of the metal units can reach a mark of more than 8 thousand degrees.In this there is a local heating of the molten steel, so the connection is obtained very high quality and reliable.But "collateral" effect here is the intense radiation in the infrared, optical and ultraviolet.All the glow has a very negative impact on the employee's eye, which can lead to various diseases, and even complete loss of visi

on.Therefore, the mask of the welder is an essential attribute when carrying out this kind of work.


At the moment there are 4 basic types of these devices:

  1. traditional masks.
  2. Welding Shield.
  3. mask for specific works.
  4. lifting device with a special filter.

Absolutely each of these is provided with thick tinted glass.Also, the mask of the welder ("ASF" included) may have in its design a special filter, a part of which has a cover glass and the substrate made of plexiglass.

design glass

This part is made of a special tool non-conductive material, which its properties resistant to splashes of hot to 8000 degrees Celsius metal sparks and arcing.It is best to acquire such masks that have detachable mechanisms for replacement of glass.The fact is that during prolonged welding the surface very quickly "zalyapyvaetsya" spatter and visible through the weld such tool is practically impossible.So do the calculation on that device to have a removable mechanism for glass (with a sealed mount).


The following are the most sought after firms that produce parts such as welding mask:

  • ¬ęKorund".
  • ¬ęChameleon".
  • Fubag.
  • Elitech.
  • Speedglas.
  • Kemppi.

most expensive welder mask, and therefore the highest quality in performance - a product from "Chameleon".It costs more than any other "brothers" - about 2-2,5 thousand. Rubles.And this despite the fact that some types of masks can be purchased for 160-200 rubles.In general, the cost of high-quality components varies from 1 to 2 thousand rubles.

When choosing pay special attention to the fact that the mask is comfortable handling "under the head" and was not too heavy weight.