Air vents: description of the product

Currently, the increasingly common use of devices such as vents.They are very important in today's households.These devices represent a special nozzle for thrust amplification by use of wind energy in the ventilation system.At the same time they protect the equipment from rain and wind pressure, as well as from falling in the dust, leaves and other debris.Also, in places where it would be necessary propulsion by mechanical means, it is sufficient to install a deflector ventilation pipe.

Installation products

install this unit at the outlet of the ventilation shaft at a distance 1,52-2,5 m from the ridge height of the building.It must meet the design calculations and drawings.Also, there are times when it can be mounted on said vertical riser device or channel.To date, developed a lot of different shapes and designs of the aerodynamic devices.The most widely used two kinds:

  • vents TsAGI.They are positioned within the exhaust shafts.They allow the best use of heat energy, and wind to create a zo
    ne of low pressure within the cylindrical shell, which creates conditions for the functioning of the exhaust system.
  • Roof vents.These devices are placed on the roof of a building at the exit duct to remove contaminated air.

Joining these aerodynamic devices may be as banding and rack.The choice depends on the exhaust shaft and install the equipment.It is important in this case.Air vents are chosen under certain exhaust system on the basis of special calculations by which determine the type of said device, place of assembly, as well as its size and appearance.These calculations can be carried out independently, with certain skills, but it would be better to take the help of professionals in this business, as the deflector rotation vent can not be installed without any preliminary calculations performed specialist.After all the work the equipment may have the following features: either the process will be too productive, which is not very good, especially for residential buildings;or whether it would be ineffective, creating only obstacle in the exhaust system.

material products

vents are made of cold-rolled or galvanized steel.To prevent corrosion damage and extend the lifetime of the equipment is carried out by means of metal coating paints and varnishes.This can be a special enamel coating, powder coating.The connection may be flanged or nipple.With timely and quality service (cleaning from dirt and dust, updated coverage) these products can last for decades.

Features adaptations

main indicators of the vents are:

  • diameter size;
  • Coupling (nipple, flange);
  • wall thickness and height.

All dimensions are calculated according to regulatory documents (GOST, SNIP).For these calculations used the characteristic location of the (private or apartment buildings, shopping centers, sports halls) and performance (exhaust equipment protection from rain).


In order to more accurately select the quality deflector should draw a specialist who will make the correct calculations, based on the installation location, weather conditions, wind loads, as well as the necessary structure.