Tell us what structural steel

Application of steel has long been widely entered our life and does not cause any doubts in its expediency.But we should not forget that the steel can be different.To date, There are several types of material:

  1. structural steel.
  2. Tool steel.
  3. Steel individual appointments with special properties.

talk today about the structural steels.So called all species which are used in the manufacture of building structures and machine parts and mechanisms.

kinds of material

Structural steel is divided into two large groups:

  1. quality structural alloy.
  2. quality structural carbon.

All these types are used in a particular area of ​​production, in discharging their functions.

Structural alloyed steel

Quite often, to improve the technological, physical and chemical properties of strength in steel add different elements, ie the doped her.Generally, for these purposes, chromium, nickel, manganese.Structural quality steel can contain one or more such elements.In connection with this stand:

  • Low alloy (the number of additives is not more than 2.5%).
  • srednelegirovannoj (figure could increase to 10%).
  • High alloyed (additional elements make up more than 10%).

In order to understand how to operate the additive, it is necessary to understand the composition of the material.It is based ferrite (approximately 90% of the volume).The alloying elements are dissolved in ferrite, thereby improving its durability.Particularly effective in this regard, silicon, nickel and manganese.But chromium, tungsten and molybdenum have a weaker effect.

should be noted that structural alloy steel are low weldability.This is due to quenching of the weld zone and the formation of structures in its structure, which are fragile.Therefore, in the process of welding using special technologies developed individually for this type of steel.

Low alloy structural steel is widely used for the production of locomotives, cars, agricultural machines.All these products are characterized by their ability to withstand variable loads.Parameters such steel weldability have no restrictions.

alloy steel made blades and turbine rotors, reactors, steam and pipe collectors.

tool steel

The second type is represented also by several species, such as:

  • Engineering.Structural steel of this type is used in the manufacture of automobiles.
  • Automaton.It is because of this steel make various fasteners.It is in no way suitable for welding, all the details are processed on the machines.
  • Boiler.Indispensable there, where it comes to the manufacture of boilers and vessels, which have to withstand high temperatures.This steel has a good weldability.

Structural steel - the material without which the production of certain types of structures and components is impossible.