The structure of the society.

Origination, development and strengthening of social relations is the result of various interactions in society.Relationships are represented as a relatively stable and independent relationships formed between community groups and individuals.

terms "structure of society" and "social system" in sociology have each other pretty close relationship.Under the system understand complex phenomena and processes.They are in communication and relationships with each other and form thereby a complete object.As elements of the system, respectively, are the processes and phenomena.

social structure of society, which is characterized by versatility philosophy is, meanwhile, a part of the concept of "social system" and combines components such as "communication" and "structure."By understanding the composition of complex elements.Through this complex is formed and the structure of society.As a "connection" appears in a complex set of interrelationships elements forming the "composition".The concept of "social st

ructure" includes, on the one hand, a set of different types of communities that form part of (complex) system-components.On the other hand, the concept provides for connections between existing components that, in turn, vary in breadth spread its influence, the value of the properties which distinguish the structure of society, the philosophy of it at a certain stage of development.

For the stable connection of components is characterized by an objective division into certain sections or groups.These groups differ in their attitude to the method of production, and they are different in their position.The main components that comprise the structure of society, should include professional, ethnic, klassopodobnye, class, social, territorial, socio-demographic, professional, ethnic and other associations.For each of these elements has its own characteristic of a complex system, consisting in turn of the subsystems and connections.The structure of the society expresses characteristics that are common to those or other relations within the class, demographic, cultural, professional, and other groups.All these are the relations inside the system components are determined by the role and the position which is inherent to each element in the entire system of economic relations emerging as a whole.The concentration of a particular aspect of any community made its mediations and connections with class and production relations in society.

The result is a kind of skeleton of all social relations - a set of political, economic and civil institutions that are involved in the organization of life.These institutions, on the one hand, a network of some form of regulatory requirements and role positions on specific participants in public relations.Here, on the other hand, they are a very stable, certain methods of the individuals in the groups.

definition of social structure should be carried out on the basis of actual research subjects participating in various social processes.As subjects can act and groups of varying sizes, which are formed on a different basis: the working class, youth, religious sect and so on.The subjects, of course, may be, and individual citizens.From this point of view, the structure is more or less stable ratio of strata and groups.The study of various existing social strata is carried out with the help of the theory of social stratification.