Social Philosophy

Social philosophy - it is one of the most important aspects of philosophical knowledge.This knowledge is aimed at understanding the processes and conditions of human life in society.As an integral component of philosophy in general, it has all the features characteristic of this science.At the same time the area under consideration and is endowed with certain characteristics that distinguish its subject and object of study.

Social Philosophy, speaking as a specific discipline, investigates the universal and the whole.However, this desire is manifested only in the study of human society.However, it is necessary to bear in mind that the social philosophy and issues affecting the general laws of life, manifested in the rather peculiar life of the people, and specific laws of development, lack of, for example, in the other areas.

Manifesting a science, this area of ​​knowledge develops its own category (general concepts).With their use of social philosophy carries out research of the essence of human e

xistence in society at all stages of its formation and development.The most abstract forms of logic expressions of social practice include such categories as "social consciousness", "attitude", "being", "culture", "activity" and so on.These categories reflect the movement of thought to an adequate knowledge of the social reality, and there is a development of the universal properties of various human activities.With these concepts, it is possible to identify and formulate laws and principles that have some importance for any sphere of life, obtaining evidence and objective knowledge of human activity.Categories of other social sciences fix only certain values, certain aspects and characteristics of the social reality, while the concept of a social philosophy is a kind of knowledge of the stages in the overall process.In this regard, the role of the latter is the most significant.

problems of social philosophy mainly consist in the achievement of the objective truth, getting adequate knowledge and capabilities of its implementation and further development.With this discipline reflects the development and functioning in a very abstract manner.And in this sense, to social philosophy is characterized by a deliberate desire to exclude the historical specifics, since the actual value for the discipline in scientific terms has a knowledge of reality, reflecting it in varying degrees, correctly, that, in turn, repeatedly confirmed by reality itself.

Considered Discipline is a teaching, exposed to constant development.This is due mainly to the fact that there is a continuous analysis of processes and phenomena of society.With this object is saved and discipline.At the same time in the social philosophy there is constant discussion of the same, it would seem, the issues;for the doctrine is characterized by the absence of a solution, given once and for all.It should be said that the concepts by which to limit certain research field, are a method for identifying a specific, present in public life are always subject-object relationship.This ratio is constantly changing: historical, spatial, temporal.Therefore constantly have to find new solutions to a variety of questions: what is subjective, objectively, what is real and what is unreal.In this sense, is solved in a new way is not the same question, and questions are posed each time in a new way, in this connection and start searching for new answers.