How to get rid of age spots: Reveal Secrets

With an issue like spots, many women face.Their appearance is aesthetic and psychological discomfort, and casts doubt on the attractiveness of its own.That is why the lack of detection of this immediately raises the question: "How to get rid of age spots?" We will give an answer to it.But before you do that, you should find out why there are dark spots.

causes of pigmentation

1. Pregnancy

While carrying a child in a woman's body is profound hormonal changes.These changes can provoke the appearance of age spots on various parts of the body.When pregnancy pigmentation is not considered a serious deviation.After giving birth hormones is gradually getting back to normal, and dark spots disappear over time.

2. Sunlight

Direct sunlight - the most common cause of formation of age spots.If you have light sensitive skin, try to protect her from the sun.In hot sunny weather, do not leave home without a headdress that covers the face.Use protective creams with SPF-filters, not only in summer but a

ll year round.

3. Aging

With age, the body's cells are unable to stop the synthesis of the pigment, the resulting pigment spots are formed.An important factor contributing to the pigmentation is heredity and hormonal changes in women during menopause.

4. Diseases

Diseases of the stomach can cause changes in the skin.The appearance of red spots tells about the problems with the intestines.Pigmentation can also trigger liver disease, endocrine system, gallbladder, kidney, and the lack of vitamins in the body.

How to get rid of age spots: use peels

To resolve this problem apply three types of whitening peeling:

  1. Ultrasonic peeling is suitable for those who have the pigmentation is not very pronounced.Ultrasound waves affects only the top layer of skin, creating a micro-massage effect and increasing blood circulation.

  2. laser peeling is the most popular to date.Many use it is the removal of age spots, testimonials confirm its effectiveness.It qualitatively grinds the skin without damaging it.The laser penetrates the skin, promotes the evaporation of moisture.Due to this, there is a destruction of old cells and the formation of new, non-pigmented.

  3. Chemical peeling - a painful method and hardly used today.The procedure is as follows: applied to the skin with a special chemical composition of the acids which attack the upper dermis with spots.As a result, the skin becomes lighter after each treatment, however, this method has a number of contraindications, and apply it with caution.

How to get rid of age spots with the help of folk remedies?

In folk medicine, there is a considerable number of recipes to get rid of pigmentation.Natural ingredients are effective and act more gently.

most effective means :

  • effective bleaching agent is lemon juice.Connect a tablespoon of lemon juice and 10 tablespoons of water, apply the mixture on the affected area several times a day.

  • Good pigmentation mask removes starch and lemon juice.Make a thick paste of starch and a tablespoon of lemon juice, apply on spots on 20 minutes.

  • for oily skin type a good remedy for pigmentation are masks horseradish and apple.

  • lotions from curdled suit owners of dry skin.This means not only bleach, but also moisturize the epidermis.

  • masks with white clay is also quite effective.The clay can be mixed with lemon juice, yogurt, hydrogen peroxide.Keep this mask should be 20 minutes.

In order to decide how to get rid of age spots, should undergo a medical examination.An experienced doctor will select a procedure that is suitable for your case.