How to make paper flowers.

For registration of establishments, offices, kindergartens, schools, restaurants use paper flowers.For them suitable bright paper tape, corrugated rolls or colored office paper.Although floral departments can purchase a variety of width, color and texture of the tape.Let us consider how to make paper flowers: roses, peonies, chrysanthemums, forget-me-mallow.

Methods of making roses

Each artist makes a rose on his own.For decorative purposes, when the heads of the flowers are stuck on branches, taken heavy paper.Better to take the velvet dark red or burgundy.Cut paper squares.You make one circle.Now, in a spiral from the edge to the center cut strip.Try to keep the line was flat.Then, taking in the middle of a fingers begin to twist the rose bud.Fix the edge of the paper and glued to the branches.

can make a flower out of paper tape.To do this, take a long corrugated strip width of 6-8 centimeters.Edge throughout tape bends per centimeter outside.Now insert one end of the wire in the stamens with

or without them, form the core of tightly wrapping paper.

Then wrap the ribbon around the circle, adjusting the shape of a rose.In the last stage edge paste, wrap the stem of green paper, attach the leaves.If you wrap all the wrapping paper, diluting flowers artificial branches, decorative berries, small flowers, you will receive a bouquet.

couple more ways of manufacturing rose

Patient master of the template paper squares cut out the petals of different lengths and widths, forming a rosebud.Crepe paper more supple and dense material can be bent into a petal.To do this, draw a circle on the sheet, divide it into sectors, then rounded petals.Now the scissors cut the sector and they also are bent tab.

That is on the blade of the scissors put the third sector, holding paper with your fingers, pull up the tab.As a result, the edge is rounded.Putting these petals in a flower, you can achieve magnificent volumes.Kids can create a bend with a pencil.

How to make paper flowers from the templates?Cut into squares of tape.Folding several layers of their number will depend on the splendor of tea rose.Cut out the circle.Folding it in half as many times as you want to get the petals.Next is rounded edge.Spreads, get flower petals.Pushes the wire with stamens in the middle of the template.Secured by sepals.One Spreads templates, lifting up the petals.

Do peonies squares

to lush colors need crimped or wrapping paper.Folding it into multiple layers in a square.Its size determines the diameter of the future flower.Now fold the figure again in the small square.On both sides along the edges of cut zigzags.It will be the petals.

Flatten the paper before the big square."Accordion" bend from one side to the other all paper.This determines the width of the zigzag fold accordion.If the width of the resulting strip is large, with each side Make a small incision.Tie ribbon or wire.Spread each layer up, correcting the shape.That's how quickly you can make paper flowers with his own hands.

order to diversify their range of colors, add core.To do this, fold the paper accordion from another, similar to the width of the stripe of the flower.Incised at the edges, creating a lush fringe stamens.Spreads accordion flower and core overlap, fold back on the fold.

continue to create lush flowers

resulting line edges connect to each other to the core turned out to be on the other end.Is attached to the stem of a flower, you begin to spread the petals one by one, lifting up the stamens.Depending on how the rounded edge of the accordion, get a different shape asters, chrysanthemums, peonies, and so on. D. Nested midway colors also help keep the shape of the flower, creating the right amount.You can also create and spherical polishing cloth.

How to make a paper flower ball:

  • Take corrugated paper in several layers (the more, the more elaborate the product).
  • make a square or rectangle on the diameter of the flower.
  • folding like an accordion.
  • On both sides are rounded or sharpened petal.
  • bend the accordion in half, defining the middle.
  • make a shallow incision and secured with wire or tape, if the ball will hang from the ceiling.
  • carefully each layer cracking down on both sides, to give form to the petal.Are forming layers not only upwards but also downwards, creating a ball.

How to make paper flowers of unusual shape?

Thin paper (corrugated, crepe, packaging) are well accepted any form.Here's how to make me-nots:

  • Take bead (its size determines the width and depth of the lobe).
  • Attach the paper and cut rectangles.
  • place at the midpoint of the bead, with the two sides firmly tighten the edge.
  • On one side of the tip of the cut and fasten colorless glue.The other edge is not touched.
  • remove the beads, form the petals with the other rectangles.
  • cut the wire stem to the core.
  • applied thereto petals, holding for long tips.
  • zamatyvayut green paper, forming the sepals.
  • glued leaves.

get interesting convex flowers are connecting on one stalk, forget-me-do.If you take a tennis ball, you get large flowers.They can easily build the senior preschool children, as do large paper flowers is easy.Joining them in bouquets, you can decorate the music room to the holiday, or give mothers.

Long flowers

With scissors and glue you can create a wide variety of flowers: lupins, calla lilies.Lupin doing from a wide paper tape.To do this, cut a long strip.On one side of the paper bends per centimeter (for this side will stick to the flower stalk).On the other end of an incision in the paper to fold line.The width of the strip determines the width of the petal.Despite the simplicity of manufacture, only school-age children can make paper flowers with his own hands.

Then each strip is rounded scissors inside (if you put a segment folded to him, the edge strips twists in the same direction).Next, make a stem, plastered wire or stick the green paper.Just do pointy leaves.Enough paper folded like an accordion, sharpen the edge and rounded petals (not much, just to bow).

Take stalk around him begin to tighten thumbscrews received in a spiral.These rings look out.Create a form of lupine.By the bottom of the stem leaves paste, as a circle, cracking down on each petal.

How to make a large paper flower with a needle and thread?

for more colors that put in floor vases, need more material.On a roll of paper tape, cut a long strip.Fold it in several layers.If the volume is not enough, then put on top of the same paper a different hue.One edge of the bend centimeters for three to five.Before folding line notch strips.

it was convenient, the edge Pinch clothespins.Now on a typewriter prostrochite by-piece edge.On the stem with stamens (twists of the same end of the paper strips, but their ends are twisted, dipped in glue and colored semolina) paste, winding strip of paper with petals.Spreads flower, leaves paste.

Here's another master class.Tell me how to make paper flowers as a peony, poppy, or rose.

  • Wide stitched by paper tape in the middle.
  • folding along the fold in half (the more layers is taken, the more luxuriant flower).
  • At the end of the stem mount a piece of cotton wool and paste it as a paper receiving bud.
  • wrap tape around the bud periodically lubricating and adjusting the adhesive form.
  • is finalizing sepals, stems and leaves.

still capable of making flowers

method as described above, you can quickly make the asters.For this tape incised so as to obtain a trapezoid, which adorns the top small teeth or zigzags.Just stitched by the other end, form aster.

If tape incision "fences" two centimeters wide, when you create a kind of flower will receive a polishing cloth.The middle of the flower can also be done in the form of a candle flame (wrap wool and paste the same paper).

River flowers can be obtained if the tape incision centimeter strips.Next time through the strip "thin out", that is, turn the strip - a void - a strip.The remaining petals are rounded.Stitched by the tape is attached to the stem.In this case, the means to make a contrasting color.This method is fast, but is available only to older students.Hand stitching may lead to deformation of the paper in the hands of children.

with preschoolers approach is another way of making flowers.Also, simple and original.So, how to make a paper bouquet of flowers in one class?

  • Give each child a square sheet of paper with patterns of flowers of different sizes.For example, a five-petal flower with a diameter of 15, 10, 8 centimeters.
  • Move patterns on squared paper and cut out.
  • At one end of the green wire thread the beads.
  • Put the wire from the other end all the petals, starting with smaller size.
  • Glue sepal and leaves.

method of manufacturing a color for the patient

Many masters individually cut petals and flowers form bends, trying to bring them closer to the original.So, to cut a sheet of Kallio, form a bend and wrap stamens.Many flowers each inflorescence going alone.Consider the process by the example of hollyhocks.

How to make paper flowers: User

  • Draw on thick paper flower pattern in the form of a circle, cut in a spiral.Only the lines are not straight, like a rose, and undulating.
  • Now each petal with a pencil or scissors need to bend like a lupine.At the same time the petals look "by itself."Then you wrap it
  • pencil flower core paste.

Such panels are forming on the head in the inflorescence.If you need a bouquet, then attach them to the stem from all sides.

on this same plan (formation of each petal) created lilacs, lilies of the valley.Only paper tape incision long strips that pencil podgibayutsya in lumps.From a distance, creating the illusion of small parts.And to emphasize the shades of one color, stem wind on two different tapes.


So, how to make a large paper flower?A method of manufacturing a lot!Kids can make flowers of different colors patterns.Stringing layers on top of each other, get wild plants.The quickest way to create a lush forms are artefacts from whole paper tapes.Paper folded like an accordion, cut the edge of the petal and glued to the stem.Used to color any paper.Due to the crushing of the material in pencil, hands and other objects in many ways shaped curve of the petal.Try to make the colors described in the article and in the process will come new ideas.