Conformity assessment - is proof that the products or other objects meet the conditions of sale and disposal, storage, use, production processes, terms of the contract, the provisions of the standards document.In the case of supplies of products in recent years have become important documents which confirm the compliance of the product that comes, the requirements that are set in the standards and other regulatory documents.

forms of conformity - it is such a procedure, for which there is a certificate of conformity of products or objects to provisions of standards and technical regulations, conditions, terms of contracts, it is a documentary.

Such supporting documents - the result of the procedure, with the participation of three parties.As a rule, the parties involved are customers (first party) and suppliers (the other side).The third party is a person or body that is recognized as an independent in the matter involved.As a rule, the parties involved represent the interests of buyers (first part

y) and suppliers (the other side).

Conformity pursues these objectives: ensures compliance with commercial secrets in relation to information obtained in the exercise of conformity assessment;the creation of certain conditions under which the territory of the Russian Federation goods can move freely, and to implement international trade, scientific, technological and international economic cooperation;improving the competitiveness of works, services and products to the domestic and international markets;help customers in competent choice of services, works and products;Certificate of Conformity of production processes, production, transportation, storage, operation, marketing and utilization, services, activities, or other objects of standards, technical regulations, conditions of contracts.

principles of conformity assessment are as follows: the inadmissibility of his substitution of voluntary certification;protection of property interests of the applicants, promote respect for trade secrets regarding the information that has been obtained, when carried out conformity assessment;the impossibility of enforcement to ensure that the confirmation was carried out voluntary compliance, including certain system of voluntary certification;reduction in the duration of mandatory conformity and consumer spending;drawing up a list of schemes and forms with respect to certain products;the inability to use the obligatory assurance to those objects that do not have mandatory requirements;the availability of information about the way of conformity to individuals who are interested in it.

develop and apply conformity assessment equally and equally regardless of the place and the country of the production processes, product origin, transport, storage, operation and disposal.

is not permitted to practice the substitution of voluntary conformity assessment.

voluntary conformity assessment is carried out on the basis of an agreement between the certification bodies and the interested party on the initiative of the applicant in the form of voluntary certification.With regard to products, product manufacture, use, storage, transportation, marketing and utilization of services and works, as well as other objects, establishes requirements contracts, voluntary certification systems and standards, they are subject to a voluntary certification.