How to lose weight at home.

Completeness - a sign of serious health problems.This may be a metabolic disease, and cardiovascular disease, and a sign of diabetes, and more.So better to lose weight under the supervision of professionals: nutritionist, fitness trainer, doctor.But if the weight does not reach a critical point and is due to laziness and wrong way of life, it is quite possible to do them yourself and get this result.So, how to lose weight at home, so as not to harm health?The process of weight loss and health improvement rests on three pillars: food, sports, beauty treatments.Using all of this together, you can get a good effect, and as close to the figure itself of their dreams.

How to lose weight at home using physical exertion

sport and physical activity - is the key to health and harmony.Unfortunately, for many reasons, people can not go to gyms or fitness centers.But many people find out and practice at home.To do this, not necessarily to splurge on expensive fitness equipment advertised, it is enough to

have some sports equipment, which will be the foundation of a home gym.

  1. most popular and effective way to lose weight is morning jogging. During jogging burn fat, activates metabolism, muscle tone to come.Run preferred over rough terrain, such as in a park.Most people prefer a morning run, and they are absolutely right.Just awakened body spent per night and carbohydrates, respectively, the first to begin to burn fat.If the weight or old injuries did not allow to run, it is possible to replace this occupation long hiking.Of course, while calories are burned more slowly, but strengthens the cardiovascular system and increases muscle tone.
  2. If we talk about how to lose weight at home, it is still very effective jumping rope .This rope with handles equates to a miracle technology by people who learned how to use it.First, you need to choose the right rope for its growth, it is important that its length was recorded.Very comfortable rope with counter revolutions, which at the end of the training show the number of jumps made.To begin with you need to jump 5 minutes, every day increasing the duration of employment.The most efficient interleaving considered jumping on two feet / on the right / to the left, and so on.It is proved that an hour classes can burn about 700 calories.
  3. small home gym will fitball. This ball is a truly versatile and simply indispensable for practicing at home.On its surface feetball are three categories: high-gloss (smooth) satin (rough), massage (with pimples).They are also distributed in diameter.The correct fitball will become an assistant in reducing body weight and giving relief.With this sports equipment, you can work out almost all muscle groups (press, arms, legs, back).
  4. When it comes to shaping the waist is an indispensable tool in this will hulahup .When we were young it was the usual thin plastic or metal hoops.Modern hulahupy improvements: they are heavy, wide and equipped with massage element on the inner diameter.Giving lessons with him for only 15 minutes a day, you can achieve good results: to reduce the fat on the abdomen and flanks and tone the muscles of the legs, back, press.

How to lose weight at home through nutrition

balanced diet involves proper distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates throughout the day.This can be achieved by fractional eating 5-6 times per day.When this portion is necessary to reduce the total amount of food consumed is not exceeded.In this diet the body not only does not put off fat, but existing and burns.In addition, you need to learn how to properly allocate the consumption of proteins and carbohydrates: breakfast should consist of complex carbohydrates, which have long been digested and provide a feeling of satiety.At night to eat the proteins they contribute to the removal of fluid and activate muscle growth.This, of course, has more to do with how to lose weight men, but also women who are engaged in the gym, it is quite appropriate.During the day, you need to combine proteins with carbohydrates, such as porridge with meat, "diluting" their vegetables, herbs, fruit.It is important to drink plenty of pure water - it improves metabolism.

How to lose weight woman using cosmetic procedures

Women overweight accompanied by more cellulite.To combat it, there are many methods, but the most effective - it massages and body wraps.At home, you can do vacuum massage with special jars or plucking.This is required to use oils.Fat-burning and anti-cellulite body wraps should be an integral part of the process pohudatelnogo they contribute to the breakdown and removal of fat and toxins, as well as tighten the skin, making it firm and elastic.