How different it is called shooting stars and what they represent

At the end of almost every summer, you can enjoy an unusually beautiful sight - plenty Starfall, when the sky lights up at night, illuminated trails.Sometimes it's single "traces", sometimes it's a real rain of fire.In the most "productive" years, many people specifically come to the festivities the night to admire the spectacle.Lovers kissing in the light of a shooting star.Romantics quietly thrilled by the form of the sky brightened, poets write poems.And how different it is called shooting stars?

superstitions and legends

most famous and used sign: seeing a falling star, you make a wish.I managed before it goes out - the desire to be fulfilled.I do not have time - or you do not need it, or you do not really want it.

much less well-known myth, to which more inclined religious people: shooting star - an angel who carries the soul of a newborn.

The ancient Greeks believed that the shooting star - divine spear or arrow, directed against the forces of evil.For the Slavs it represented the death

for the Scandinavians - the soul, which is simply the people and the gods, for Muslims - a strong and evil enemy.

scientific explanation

Meanwhile long been known, even older students that the star can not fall.It is a huge ball of gas incredible temperature.And if at least one such star will crash to Earth, there will be from the last, probably, and dust.Since scientists are called shooting stars?

In fact most colorful leaves a trace in the sky stone that went into the uppermost layers of the Earth's atmosphere.From the friction of the air it is heated and begins to glow.That is how.In another called shooting stars, "meteors" if they are small in size and burn up completely at a distance of eight or ten dozen kilometers, even in the atmosphere.Some meteors are so small that, without binoculars, and even a telescope, its path can not be seen.

How differently are called shooting stars, "fragments" which reaches the ground?It is meteorites.They are large, and most of them fly into the atmosphere relatively slowly, allowing air to slow them.It looks like a meteorite fireball that roared and rattled rushing across the sky, and after the fall of the leaves on the surface of the crater.I must say that the "stones" of this size, and even fly into the shell of the Earth at a right angle and at an appropriate rate, quite rare, so the fall in each of them permanently imprinted in human memory (the same Tunguska or the one that fell in Africa).

Sources falling stars

Some meteorites are found at any time of the year.This is due to the fact that some random cosmic body was captured by the magnetic field of our (and any other) planet.Another thing - a massive meteor attack (how else are called shooting stars, we have seen).

Astronomers have accurately determined that a rain of falling stars give rise to only a comet.Of course it is a cosmic phenomenon is a solid (usually the ice, but there are also options for stone, even though the comet's ice contains solid inclusions).When a comet approaches the luminary whose temperature exceeds the limit, the ice evaporates, taking with him the solid components of the nucleus.The tail is made up of microscopic dust particles entrained what is called the "solar wind."Larger (and therefore heavy) pebbles wind can not do.As a result, they create around a celestial body bagel, named by astronomers "torus".And if given a bagel falls in gravitational field of the planet, we have a star rain.


as a phenomenon is remarkable meteor streams recorded two.One of them is called the Leonids, the other - Perseids, the title of star systems from which they originate optically.The first of these waterfalls are pleased stars through the years, but the second - every summer.This is because the flow of celestial bodies, facing the Earth, too, has its age.If it is "young" Shooting Stars will be ample, if he has already met several times with our planet (and perhaps other on its way), his "stone warriors" have considerably thinned.

Why August?

What is most interesting, the August "Star Rain" regularly go from year to year.Astronomers are similar in opinion over why the stars fall in August, and not in another month.They believe that the culprit is the tail of a comet named Swift-Tuttle, which passes through the Earth at this time.What good is this Shooting Stars?That is available to anyone, do not need any special equipment, no matter in what part of the world you are.We see good, and it pleases the ordinary people, not just astronomers.

Of course, there are more spectacular shower of stars.For example, the same promise Perseids just a grand fireworks display!Astronomers look forward to it.It is believed that more magnificent stargazing Earth has not seen (or at least no recorded evidence).But!Wait to have promised in 2126.Hardly even born just days ago, the children will live up to that point.So we enjoy what is available to us now!