What to do if you start your computer a black screen

If you have a computer when the black screen, Windows 7 is not loaded - this is one of the most frustrating troubles.When your monitor does not appear any one character or screensaver and in front of you just dark plane of the display, do not look for the cause in the software.Here, a wholly-owned hardware problem.Most importantly, it is the prospect of a costly repair.

You must immediately understand and eliminate the cause of damage to your computer software.This saves you from senseless to reinstall your operating system, to nothing lead searches in the registry, driver updates, etc.This not only takes a lot of time, but will not be possible without the necessary knowledge.

When you find when you turn on the computer a black screen, immediately look for the fault in its sitemnike or monitor.If you have little meaning in this case, better to entrust this task to perform relevant professionals, because otherwise you will only aggravate the situation.His one wrong action or decision you can damag

e the whole element of your computer.This will increase your costs at times, and as a result still have to apply to the master.So you'd better do it soon.

Now I want to elaborate on the main problems that lead to what you find when you turn on the computer a black screen.Consider only those that can be solved at home.

The first thing you need to pay attention - this is your monitor.The reason for not displaying the data can be precisely therein.However, if you see immediately when you turn on the computer a black screen with a cursor, the device can immediately be deleted.If not, unplug your system unit from the power supply, then turn off the display with the button on it.Now unplug the monitor from the video card and turn it on.In the case where the power lamp lit up on it, and the screen tells you that a sign or logo of the company, this device is all right.

In this case, good information, check the cable connector and firmly secure it in the system unit.If you can not be more than connect the monitor to another device and test it in this way.

USB connectors can also be the culprit of what you find when you turn on the computer a black screen.Therefore, carefully inspect all the ports on your computer or laptop.If you use a different extension, they are also subject to scrupulous inspection.Pull out all the stick, mouse, printers, cameras, etc.Inspect the contacts.They must be clean and undamaged.If you do find something similar in their slots, try to turn off the motherboard.In the case of the additional openings in the front panel of the desktop that can be easily done.

In the future you know that all the devices that you intend to connect to your dear and beloved computer, you need a good look.The wire must be whole, without kinks or breaks.If fleshkai have damage to the connector, mechanical faults or they present a burnt smell - forget about using them.If all these simple rules, you will never see when you turn on the computer a black screen.