IO error and its elimination

operating systems, the company "Microsoft" IO error on the device means that a particular system were difficulties with reading or storing information on the storage device.If this is the stick, then this message appears while you use them with a card reader or when you try to access any file.Often the output error indicates that the device must be replaced.However, you can try to revive your data and even to revive the drive.

Let's understand first why.Damage the flash drive or disk may be a result of mechanical effects (eg, a fall, shock, etc.).If you incorrectly inserted or removed card, carefully inspect it for obvious defects of the contact group or body.It often happens that if restored break the shell, the card again begins to work.Then you will be able to return information.After this is to get rid of the defective drive.This allows you to prevent the loss of data retransmission.

IO error disk may also occur because of file system corruption.This happens when the drive is removed withou

t the use of safety features, as well as when the power is lost during data transfer.As an example, imagine a situation that you are photographing someone, and at that point the battery is completely discharged.In this case, there is a high probability of failure of the memory card.To restore the file system, try typing in the command line "chkdsk (drive letter): / r".It is important to record all the data that a computer is able to read, drive on the right.

more input or output error may occur due to the malfunction of the card reader.It is better to use universal device that is able to support multiple formats.To eliminate the cause of the failure of this particular equipment, check for broken-off fragments inside the stick.Another is to pay attention to the integrity of the cable.

Next reason that often appears IO error can be incompatibility of information transfer.In the late nineties, most of the computer supports access technology called DMA.If your machine will attempt to use it for older versions of flash drives, only supports PIO, error-O certainly I will.This also happens in the case when it is used in the standard Compact Flash drive.Do not even allowed to connect the card reader to the ATA controller in your computer.

To remove these errors, go to the "Device Manager", where you need to find a section of the controller, which is a map error.Click the Advanced Settings, scroll to Enable DMA and clean with a marker.This will allow the controller to operate in PIO mode.Here, in principle, all cases where your computer or laptop may issue such a mistake.Follow all recommendations, and everything will be fine.