How quickly minimize all the windows in Windows XP and 7

To get to the icons on the desktop, we have to first close all windows and open them can be very much.To click the mouse on the relevant icon on each window is inconvenient and time consuming.If you uploaded a lot of RAM-intensive processes, everything happens slowly.It is necessary to wait for one window is minimized, then the next, etc.But in Windows provides several ways how to minimize all windows very quickly.If you are using them, the problem with hanging the windows will not terrible.


for all versions of Windows, from the most ancient to modern 7 and 8, the keys work the same way.To minimize all windows, there is a whole two combinations:

  • Win + M;
  • Win + D.

where Win - a function key with a picture of the flag of corporate and M and D - the letters in the Latin layout.(Just as the other hot keys combinations work independently from the active layout).

As you can see, the M key is closer to the right edge of the keyboard, and D - to the left.So everyone can enjoy the combi

nation of which is more convenient at the moment.

For those who know English, mnemonic, this method can be stored as: M = minimize - "reduce", D = down - "down."

Tell me more about the pair of interesting combinations, which, unfortunately, do not work on all systems.Win + Home and Win + PgDown lets you close all windows except the active one.This option is also needed, so check possible reception on your computer will work.

Windows XP

special button "Close all windows» XP displays in the Quick Launch toolbar (right of the "Start" button on the taskbar).To quickly use the folding, do not place this panel a lot of software - a maximum of three icons, considering the button.

If the panel is not visible, enable it to be so:

  • Right-click over the button "Start".
  • Stay "Properties".
  • The proposed window, select the "taskbar".
  • Activate point about displaying the Quick Launch toolbar.
  • To exit, press OK or Apply.

When all the windows rolled up, they can be restored by pressing the buttons (hot keys do not work).

Windows 7

Instead minimize all windows, Windows 7, will show the desktop.The difference is small, but so far there were only a family of * nix.

perform the function button is located on the edge of the taskbar to the right hours.Just as in the previous case, the button can be pressed again in order to bring the location and appearance of windows to the original view.

Show Desktop also possible, if right-clicking to open the context menu of the taskbar, and select the desired menu item.

In both versions, the OS also can create a toolbar "Desktop".It contains links to all desktop icons, you can use it instead of minimize windows.

Do not forget also that there is a fast start is just to not have to switch to the desktop to open a certain program.Some applications during the installation themselves offer a "registered" in the quick start, the other you can put there with the help of tools for configuring Windows - software-tweaking.