Learn how to share the folder

Many people who use the network, faced with the fact that they did not share the folder turns Windows 7. Here you will receive detailed instructions on how to do it.Following all the points, you'll learn the answer to the question of how to share the folder.

The first thing you need to start is to make changes network access settings.Why is this necessary?And in order to allow other users to access the network folder without having to enter your login and password.To fulfill this condition, press the keyboard Knop with the logo of Microsoft.This will bring up the main menu.This can also be done by pressing "Start" button, which is located in the bottom left corner.In the menu we click on "Control Panel."

Of all the elements we need to choose the "Administration".Now our task is to activate the local security policy, therefore, perform a double-click on the appropriate button.In the resulting window, we reveal the contents of the directory "Local Policies," from which to choose "Security Options."

Next in the list of elements we'll see "Network access: a model of network access and security for local accounts."Make a double click on it.

To in Windows 7 share the folder, we have to change this value to the guest, which will be certified by local users as guests.After that we confirm our setting by pressing "OK".

Now more about how to share the folder.To do this, we must in the window, which is called the "Administration", select "Computer Management."Here you have the ability to completely control all the shared resources of your computer or laptop.To open the list of folders that share the, you must click on the utility partition.Then select the shared folders and shared resources.In the center of the window will have to display all the available shared folders desktop.In order to create a new catalog is available, you will be required to perform clicking on the "Next Steps", which are located on the right side of the window.

continues to answer questions about how to share the folder.In the list of actions you must click on "New Share".This is the case when the required directory exists.At this point, due to open a wizard that is responsible for creating most of the new resources.Click "Next" to continue.

Now we will have to set a specific path that will lead to the desired folder.If you can not specify it from memory, use the Browse button.This will allow you to discover it on your computer.When you get to the desired directory path will register automatically in a row.Then again press the button "Next".

Next we need to specify the name that will be assigned to our network folders.You can also add a description for the object.When you are done, click "Next".After that we need to put this kind of resolution for the general directory, and then confirm all the "Finish" button.

Now you know how to share the folder.