Rafting Chusovaya: photos and reviews.

There is a category of people who are indifferent to the comfort of city apartments.Beaches of warm seas do not bring them joy.Comfortable cabins and rooms in the liners star hotels tire.

So fidgets Give forbidding mountains, raging ocean, desert sands.Outdoor enthusiasts every year becomes more and more.

tourists and travelers choose to experience challenging routes, untrodden paths.For beginners and enthusiasts something more relaxing approach the river Chusovaya in the Urals.

Description river Chusovaya

translated from the local dialect means "fast water".This statement is untrue.The primitive beauty of the river is worth at least once to go on the water and spend a few days on its banks.

she stretched nearly 600 km on the territory of the two regions and the Perm region.Originates in the Great Lake Chusovoy, moved through the Ural Mountains and flows into the Kama.It feeds from many tributaries, eight of them are especially large.

located on the banks of the big cities - centers of indus

try in the Urals, small towns and villages.In the reservoirs in the river basin, to rafting on Chusovoi it was convenient for fans of action sports, located recreation, tourist centers and hostels.

In those places, the river is considered one of the most picturesque.Intricate rock formations, which are called stones, add a unique charm to the landscape.Surrounded by ancient forests twisting channel Chusovoi stretches punctuated by silent and roaring rapids.

Geographic features

Like all mountain rivers Chusovaya winds between the mountains and the individual rocks.In this regard, the depth and width of the river is not the same everywhere.In April, when the ice is opened, the water level rises of up to 4 meters, and the river flooded all the coastal meadows and woods.

after an ice drift rafting on Chusovoi can be dangerous.The permeability of water is almost zero, so there is a chance encounter with an underwater rock or snag.

By mid-May level and flow velocity of the water fall, and its depth is less than four meters.Mainstream in tight spaces has a width of 30 meters, sometimes this value can reach more than 100 meters.

In early summer, there are numerous shallow water with clear water and beautiful pebble bottom.Rock-freeze guard majestically on the banks.This is the best time, when the river Chusovaya ready to take their fans.

The highest temperature in the places indicated in July, but the rest can be spoiled by rain.This accounts for the largest monthly rainfall.

In dry years, usually towards the end of the summer, there are large shoals and shallows in the water can be quite an abyss.Autumn rains again fills its channel.But the rest on the river with the advent of September is only suitable for professionals.Frequent freezing and drizzling rain in the morning do not like untrained beginners.

Covered Chusovaia solid ice by November.Case of an exception, when freeze-up begins earlier or later.

Chusovaia: water route

For the convenience of travelers was created Pilotage river.Chusovaia the end of the XIV century attracted merchants, industrialists and scientists.Paves convenient routes scientific expeditions of academies, universities and enthusiasts.

study of weather conditions, currents, rocky emissions to the surface, shoals, stretches, bends - all reflected in the map of the river, making it easier every year floating path.

unforgettable experience will help well-planned rafting on Chusovoi.The route is developed according to the wishes and habits of travelers.

very popular segment of the middle of the river.It was there that opens the most picturesque places, and on the way there is an alloy of high and steep rapids.At this point, very rare form blockages and long dry shelf.

Skirting the village of Sloboda, the river forms the next loop and outputs a series of cliffs along the coast: St. George and the Dog ribs.After them appears Walk-stone, well-known for his film "Thunder."This is the beginning of the route.

Passing the village of Kamenka, the channel aligned and resembles roughly a straight arrow.Travelers have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the island or make a stop in the village of Nizhny, stroll the small canals.

followed by Shaitan-stone.It has a watermark in the river in 1911.One can only imagine what kind of width and depth of the channel was in those days.

After Senkina stones and hanging comes back portion ideal surface of several kilometers.

suspension bridge in the area of ​​visible inflow - the river track, and behind it - a stone Boyar and the island.For the safety of the alloy fairway on the right.

From this point begins the rocky ridge of emissions both on shore and in the river bed.Some of them hang over the water are caves at the base of washing away.Their length - kilometers.Jets of water rage, drawing novice travelers whirlpools.

near the blue stone many underwater obstacles, sometimes invisible.This stretch of road is famous rifts and fighters.So call the stones that are in the river bed and are considered especially dangerous for rafting.Balaban, one of them has a height above water of 40 meters.

After the white cliffs of the ship, and sat Chusova dam - back to the village section of rapids Martyanova.It is also recommended to make a stop and take a walk along the beach to the nearby cliffs, caves to explore.

For Pleso village Sulem again begins a series of rocks and islands.Some of them are geological monuments of nature.Ends route near the stone cross erected by Nikita Demidov after his son's birth.

describing all the sights and just a beautiful place, it is possible to make a full report on water trips.

But the purpose of this article is different: to show interested persons an opportunity to make rafting on the river without even basic skills.Breathtaking experience will stay with you for a long time.


Rafting Chusovaya plan to employees of organizations which promote active forms of recreation.Some travel agencies offer short safe routes calculated for the period from 1 day to a week.

Ural river annually attracts those wishing to merge with nature, test their strength, feel the whole pristine landscape.

Boating on Chusovoi has a long tradition.Instructors planning routes, do not increase the complexity of the category higher than the second.But for professionals, extreme alloys are organized at the beginning of May to the rapid flood.

After the recession of water level complexity are the only places under bridges near the piers and in shallow shoals with large stones on the bottom.There travelers have to drag the catamarans for the alloy itself.

No picture can not convey that enthusiasm that you experience while relaxing on the river.Rafting Chusovaya offered as a vacation for the whole family, the maintainer performs an experienced instructor.He also serves as the guide, telling all that open look.

Corporate alloy

has recently become a tradition established companies to arrange holidays for its employees.Many large corporations have a policy of teambuilding.People who teamed up during the holidays, are able to work more efficiently, consistently perform tasks to help and support each other.

Animators are developing programs for significant dates, such as anniversaries.For several years, demand package, which includes rafting on the river Chusovaya.To finish the day by dining by the fire and relax in a tent on the banks of the river, you need to connect the power and the will of the whole team and laid the way to go in the water.

can hold a corporate event with the alloy in the vicinity of the territory of any pension or recreation centers, a sufficient number of them, particularly in the areas of natural reservoirs can satisfy the most refined taste.

Camping Weekend

holiday with rafting on Chusovoi family or friends will be one of the memorable events in your life.

pity that it becomes virtually unattainable due to the rapid rate in which modern man lives.Often work schedules and rest do not match.Help out in this situation may seem like a weekend.

Feedback from those who have used on Saturday and Sunday for the alloy, it is possible to judge the benefits of the rest.A situation where you find yourself in the same boat, contributes to solving long-standing conflicts.Being in a difficult situation, you feel like the road the people with whom you live side by side.

For example, members of one family alloy for two days to resolve any issues that plagued dwell in a shared apartment.

Pleasing rave reviews of Tiffany.It is over ten years-in-law felt useless and port reproaches her daughter's life.Hiking weekend with an alloy of Chusovoi managed to change her mind and helped her to appreciate her husband's daughter.

Everyone has the right to decide for itself how to take a break from the working week, but as noted by some of the wise: "The best way to relax - to change the occupation."Rafting on the beautiful scenic river will be a worthy goal.

Means alloy

on the river Chusovaya used catamarans for the alloy, rubber boats and rafts.Depending on the time of year and part of the river used different means.

Rubber boats are good in shallow water and high water.In the first case they are used in small groups and large stretches of dry shoals.Lightweight boat quickly and inexpensively strength to endure it.At high water experienced rafters are also easier to handle with a rubber boat, since it has a greater degree of cushioning and low weight.

most popular way for the alloy is a catamaran.It is relatively easy and resistant through the use of additional ballast.If desired, and little skill it can assemble yourself.

To do this, take two narrow boats and cross-linked logs, planks, thin logs.As the ballast on the cross deck stacked rocks, tree stumps, lumps.In dry areas once the goods cleared, twin boat easily dragged into deep water, and return the goods to the place.

Modern rafting provides maximum comfort.On the wide stable base easy to located the tent, table and chairs, there is a place for the fire.Benefits rafts to clean water are undeniable.They are used also in alloys in straight segments of the route or as a recreational resources in reservoirs and lakes.

In old Chusovoi used rafts and barges.To get acquainted with these types of ships, you have to travel back to several centuries ago.

little history

first steps in the development of Chusovoi as a way for the transport of goods taken merchants in the XIV century.At the time, the river transported salt, grain, timber, furs and meat.

rafting was not particularly reliable.Rafts in spinning rapids crashing on the rocks.Rowers are killed, people losing money trading.Short navigation and dictate their terms.

the time of the reign of Peter I the situation has changed radically.In the Urals, began to extract ore, cast metal.For the convenience of transportation on the banks of the Chusovaya like mushrooms after the rain began to grow village.Each had a storage shed (storage), a marina and shipyard.

Prior to ice flow items were brought to the nearby marina, and the shipyards in full swing work.They built the barges.These huge boats from the century-old pines at length reached forty meters and a displacement exceeding 200 tonnes.

In the spring the river massed hundreds of boatmen in search of work.Their responsibilities include the following: push barge on the water, pull it from the shoals and rapids dried.

alloy Chusovoi went to an industrial scale.To extend the navigation, the ice broke prematurely, and had lowered the water from nearby ponds.Barca pushed into the river and there is already loaded.

Mamin-Siberian, long before the onset of the XX century predicted tourist future for the river, because on it everyone will find a place for relaxation and inspiration.

River Basin

Chusovaya river with all its tributaries, ponds, reservoirs, oxbow lakes and Inflow of a single body of water, food which is mainly due to melting snow and precipitation.A small part of the accounts for the underground springs.

Heavy rains can raise the water level in the river a few meters per day.As you know, for the alloy needed for.The large influx of water makes this need udovletvorimoy.In the mountain and in the shallows of the flow velocity is 20 kilometers per hour.

River basin fed by about 200 large and small rivers.In its over 100 islands and is located approximately 70 major rapids.Some of the rock-fighters are up to a hundred meters.

Flora and fauna Chusovoi

for fishing enthusiasts of particular interest hikes weekend.Water Chusovoi still rich in fish.There are predatory species: walleye, pike, perch.For drying, you can use white bream and sichel.The tributaries found grayling and trout, and old women will enjoy lin.

The forests surrounding the river are many berries and mushrooms.You can hunt waterfowl and forest birds, rabbits, squirrels.There are wild boar and elk.

Thus, the river and the surrounding area can provide not only emotional satisfaction, but also feed.

Chusovaya in the art and life

amazing natural power of the river gave inspiration to many people of art.About the beauty and the people living in those regions, wrote Ivanov, Mamin-Siberian, Reshetnikov.

Artist Shardakov included a river in one of the paintings cycle about Ermak.Petr Vereshchagin at the end of the XIX century liked to be in the Urals.He often and with great pleasure painted landscapes, where the protagonist acted Chusovaia.

Grigory Alexandrov found in those regions for the filming of the legendary nature of the film "Volga-Volga".It is an episode rafting and barge.

And, of course, did not pass his attention remote places and harsh rocky spurs of the coast of the infamous Gulag.On the ruins of the former colony for prisoners organized a museum exhibition which resemble living the years of unjust repression.

Natural Park « River Chusovaya»

hundred and fifty kilometers of water area are part of the natural park.If we consider the categories water trips, it should be noted that there is provided not only to alloy and trekking, and the introduction of natural and historical monuments.

Park organized at the beginning of the XXI century, but it has already gained popularity among tourists.Its main task is to preserve the river and the surrounding natural environment.The management organizes new routes, paving the trail parking lot is large enough.Jaegers are patrolling to prevent poaching.

Conclusion With proper and careful use of natural resources of the Urals will be more long to please the children.Chusovaya River and through many years, will also attract fans to test themselves during the rafting.Stone-giants will not cease to bear its security service.