Vodka: composition.

vodka can be called the most popular drink at every meal and celebration.It consists of ethyl alcohol, which is purified from impurities, diluted with water.Vodka, whose composition should contain 40 percent alcohol, can be supplemented with.Usually this fruit, berries, spices and other ingredients.High degree treatment leads to a product which, unlike the analog does not cause hangover.But that's only vodka made up truly can be called quality.

little history

exact date of origin of this drink is not.But the approximate time of birth can be considered 14-15 century.It happened on the territory of the Russian state.Therefore, all the claims of other countries do not have the strength.In 1982, international arbitration has recognized the drink native Russian.In the 14th century Genoese ambassadors brought to the Russian wine alcohol.This was the basis of all known drinks with high strength.In Russia, on the basis of ethyl alcohol was obtained by the drink, which received the name "vodka" .In the middl

e of the 15th century, the grain harvest has reached unprecedented heights.Export wines from Byzantium stopped.It is time for change in the production of alcoholic beverages.As history shows, and legend has it, about 1430 a monk from the Chudov created the recipe of genuine Russian vodka.To do this, he had every opportunity: the knowledge and equipment.But Mendeleev introduced the concept and symbol on the bottle - about 40%.He does not belong to the invention of vodka.He made her high-quality and has achieved design patents.

Properties good vodka

Not all the vodka, which can be found on the shelves can be called quality.It all depends on the manufacturer and the ingredients used.What sort of signs must have a quality product?Firstly, this is a subtle, unique flavor.A good product does not have a strong smell.Secondly, it is a mild taste.The composition of vodka and its production must meet all modern requirements.On the quality of the product and its packaging says.Stopper and cap should fit snugly to the bottle, and date stamp bottling - clearly legible.At the bottom of the bottle should not be precipitate.The correct composition of vodka makes it possible to make a clean, clear beverage.Turbid contents of the bottle suggests the use of poor-quality water, or the presence of impurities.The label must necessarily be information about the manufacturer, his contact details and a code consisting of 7-10 digits.Must be information about the certification and licenses to produce.

composition of vodka

When defining qualities are very important components used to manufacture.The composition of vodka, if you do not go into the basics of chemistry, it is water and alcohol.Generally, three types of alcohol is used.The first kind is made from potatoes or grain, and has a high degree of purification.Further there are varieties and extra luxury, made from selected grains.The latter two are considered the best.It plays an important role and the quality of the water.Good manufacturers its previously purified from salts and impurities.If the package has information about cleaning silver, it speaks about the quality of water.If the label says "cleaned milk", it refers more to the final product.

degree of purification of alcohol

good quality alcohol is produced from a mixture of potato and grain or each ingredient separately.Also for this purpose, molasses, sugar beets and raw sugar.There is a scale the degree of purification of alcohol.The product of the first grade is 96 percent of the fortress.The highest rate in treatment provides 96.2% percent.The best types of alcohol - and the extra luxury - are, respectively, 96.5 and 69.3 percent.Also distinguish more medical and anhydrous alcohol.

Water purification

The composition of vodka includes mandatory water.But this is not an ordinary liquid from the tap, and a special, free of impurities.To water is ideal for the production of vodka, because it is necessary to remove the salt.This procedure will make it softer.Sometimes it is necessary to completely clear the water from all the elements.After that it is saturated with microelements.This technology is used for the production of potable and mineral waters.Therefore, information about purifying silver indicates the enrichment of water by ions of the metal.

Additives Many manufacturers introduced in the Russian vodka additional components or additives.This happens for various reasons.Firstly, it is the desire to highlight your product and make it extraordinary.Competition in the market of alcoholic beverages is a serious and all methods used in the fight for the consumer.Secondly, many of the additional ingredients are purified vodka, making it taste softer.This improves the quality of the product.And the last factor, but not the most pleasant, is trying to hide the flaws of vodka, its bad taste and quality.Therefore, focus on these indicators or not, it is a personal matter.The main components, which are used as additives are citric acid, honey, milk powder, sugar, baking soda, acetic acid and potassium permanganate.Some manufacturers use sodium acetate and sodium hydrogen carbonate.Selection of additives depends on the type or brand of vodka.Very often use honey.It is administered in a composition of vodka, diluting with clean water.This feature makes the product softer.

Classification of vodka

Depending on the number of "revolutions" Vodka is divided into four categories.This 40, 45, 50 and 56 percent.Specialists in the production of alcoholic beverages divide it further into four classes: economy, standard, premium and super premium.The last two classes - a luxury drink.They are distinguished by excellent quality and higher cost.For their preparation using only the best types of alcohol and purified water thoroughly.During the evaluation of the quality of vodka uses two categories of indicators.The first - a sensory factors, which include odor, clarity and taste.The second group - analytical indicators.There conduct laboratory research and determine the alkalinity, the presence of impurities and the percentage of alcohol content.

Aqua regia history

first description of aqua regia appeared in the 14th century.Hydrochloric acid have not been known to people.A method for producing a beverage provided distilling the mixture of alum, copper sulphate, ammonia and nitrate.The second method - a mix of nitric and hydrochloric acid, was described in 1597 alchemist Andreas Libau.Thanks aqua regia managed to make a lot of discoveries in alchemy, there was a growth of knowledge about the chemical reactions and substances.

Properties aqua regia

What is aqua regia?The composition of the acid in the drink gives it certain properties.Aqua regia - a mixture of two acids, nitric and hydrochloric acid, in a ratio of one to three.This is one of the strongest oxidants.This quality is manifested through nitrosyls chloride.Freshly "vodka" colorless.A short time later she gets an orange tint.A distinctive feature of this fluid is a strong smell of chlorine and nitrogen dioxide.This mixture is prepared immediately before use.Aqua regia acid composition which we have considered above, eventually loses its oxidizing properties and decomposes.

Application aqua regia

Where to use this drink?Aqua regia, composition, use of which is different from the conventional use of alcoholic beverages, used as a laboratory reagent.It is used for cleaning the glassware from organic substances.It is also used for the analysis of precious metals, metal chlorides preparation in the other experiments.The chemical composition of vodka royal allows dissolve less active metals platinum, palladium and gold, even at room temperature.Gold dissolves in aqua regia at 10 m / min.For the etching of ruthenium requires oxygen.These two components as a result of forming geksahlororutenievuyu acid.You can not be dissolved in aqua regia silver.This is due to the formation of a film on the surface of silver chloride.Also, resistance to acids different metals such as titanium, tantalum, zirconium, chromium, niobium and hafnium.

Aqua regia, the composition, the use of which we have considered, is not used for intake!

Balm Bolotov

Very many people are interested in information about the balsam Bolotov.It is known that a mixture of concentrated acids - nitric and hydrochloric - is aqua regia.The composition according to Bolotov - is a weak solution.Balm, which is prepared in pharmacies, corresponding to 3 per cent solution of hydrochloric acid.So he did not have devastating effects on the human stomach, and take it inside.What kind of impact has this agent on the human body?

Sulfuric acid dissolves the connective tissue by transforming sugar mucopolysaccharides.In other words, it dissolves the old cells and helps to improve digestion.Nitric acid improves the functioning of the adrenal glands and increases the level of adrenaline.It is also an improvement of the power cells, which plays an important role pyruvic acid.Balsam Bolotov promotes the formation of the body of vitamins and amino acids and protein molecules recover.It has beneficial effects on all processes in the body, and prevents inflammation.Balsam has several functions.Firstly, this increase in the number of new cells.Second, the decrease of slagging organism, i.e. the conversion of the salt slag in and removing them from the body.Third - it is a struggle with the microbes and restore bodies.

"Russian Standard"

Founded in 1998 the company for the production of alcoholic beverages is the largest manufacturer in this area.Vodka "Russian Standard" - a drink that is produced in several versions at a factory in St. Petersburg.On line today consists of several types of "Empire", "original", "Platinum" and "Russian Standard Gold."All varieties are typical for this type of features and unique properties.This product can be called truly best.The composition of vodka "Russian Standard" consists of only high-quality ingredients.The production technology meets all modern requirements.For the production of taking the best varieties of wheat grown in the Black Earth and water - from an underground source, which is connected to Lake Ladoga.It is soft, pleasant to the taste of the drink, worthy of the aristocrats.

Vodka "Beluga"

¬ęBeluga" - a premium vodka.This drink can be called one of the best on our shelves.Vodka "Beluga", the composition of which can be called perfect, honey contains a natural extract, milk thistle and oat groats.It is made from the best luxury alcohol and water from artesian springs.Pour this drink bottle made in France.Each instance is decorated with an emblem in the form of fish and hermetically sealed, clean stopper.

Preferring liquor, choose only high-quality products.And remember that excessive consumption of vodka leads to irreversible consequences.