Name Alexander: origin, meaning, characteristic

In ancient times, the name by which anoint the child had some value.Thus parents are shown how they would like to see the baby in the future, what character traits he wanted to instill.And the name of Alexander, whose origin dates back to pre-Christian times, come on baby, probably to emphasize the courage and strength to the owner.How did this name and how it affects the fate and character of its owner?

Provenance named Alexander

As already mentioned, this name has appeared before Christianity and has Greek roots.It happened from two words, but rather by the merger of two Greek names: Alexeo, which translates to "protect", and Andres - ¬ępeople", "husband".Thus, the name of Alexander, whose origin we understand, literally translated as the "protector."Unfortunately, reliable sources about how there was a merger of the two names is not preserved.But according to one version this was done in order to enhance their value and meaning.

name Alexander: the value, origin, great people

Probably the most iconic figure with the same name in history - it is Alexander the Great, who was a great general and conqueror.In Russia, the name appears with the spread of Christianity.Initially, representatives of the so-called upper classes, the governor and the princes.After Alexander Nevsky was canonized, this name became popular among the common people.Another important figure in history is Alexander Suvorov.This man did not lose a single battle.In addition, three Russian emperor, who ruled the country at different times, wore the name.Of course, it further increased its popularity and contributed to the spread.And to this day it remains one of the most popular names in many countries, including in Russia.So what is the name of Alexander, the origin of which, as we see, quite ambiguous?

Feature name

a child Alexandra often sick, but as an adult, interested in sports and become strong and healthy.The man, named thus very single-minded, curious, determined.He has well-developed imagination and memory.The value of the name, as a rule, corresponds to the character of the owner, he is resolute in achieving the goals, just, endowed with great courage.Alexander has a weakness for alcohol, while intoxicated may lose control.People with this name possess organizational skills and leadership qualities, perhaps, is why so many of them of great commanders.The man, named thus able to care for women and to make a good impression on them.But most of all it suited the fair sex with the names Tamara Love, Natalia Vera, Mary, Oksana, Hope.

name Alexander: origin and significance in astrology

believed that this name best suits Sagittarius, his patron planet - Saturn.The colors bring luck to Alexander - green and red.A good talisman for a person with the same name will be a stone with a similar name - Alexander.