The nature of every human being is strongly influenced by the name.Before deciding on how to name the child should learn its secrets.This publication will tell about the character traits of women who wear the name Arina.You will learn about its origins, as well as the names of men who get a strong union.

name Arina.Meaning, origin

Female name Arina is considered derived from the name of Irene, which translated from Greek means "peace", "moral."It sounds very nice, and is still common in Russia.

value named Arina child

girl, called Arina, will always strive to be self-reliant and independent.She always will decide in what circle recorded and what kind of activities it should be addressed.If the baby wants, for example, to learn how to sew, then she will understand and master all.The girl is very fond of sweets.From her father, she adopts an unusual looks and grace.From the mother - the desire for independence.

Arina.Name: what it means for an adult woman?

The owner of this beautiful

name of a highly gifted intuition, but, despite this, prefers to learn all the details and all to think carefully before making a decision.Arina quickly understand what is happening, but too slow acting.From the side it may seem "simple" girl, but it is not so.In dealing with others it is closed.

desire since childhood to independence and leadership allows Arina be a great leader.She was used to achieve the goals set before him, and to rely on their own strength.This lady is very diplomatic and never stoop to insults, to solve the problem tactfully.

Arina.Name: what it means to love?

girl trying to find a strong, persistent man who can become a mainstay in life.However, she found a completely different person, which she regrets.Unfortunately, in romantic relationships it behaves hesitantly because he is afraid of being alone.Due to the natural isolation it is very difficult to express their feelings, and this behavior can alienate men who are afraid to win her cold (in their understanding) heart.

Arina.Name: what it means for family life?

One of the men who will be able to woo Arina will be rewarded.Arina will be a wonderful hostess, taking care of the family hearth.Visitors are welcome with great pleasure, although she does not like to go anywhere.She is devoted to her beloved, though because of the uncertainty is too often inferior to him and jealous.

Arina.Name: What is it in the language of astrology?

  • owner of this beautiful name protects the planet Venus.
  • Birthstone - Opal.
  • color name - blue.
  • Animal Guardian - the owl.
  • plant mascot - chestnut and lily of the valley.
  • auspicious day - Friday.
  • Zodiac corresponding to the name - Taurus.

Arina for marriage is more appropriate man, whose name is Roman, Ivan, Vladimir, Leonid, Victor, Grigory.It is more difficult in a relationship with Oleg Artemyev, Anatoly, Nicholas, Gennady.