Modern rules of bandy

Today, one of the fastest growing sports is hockey (Bandy).Rules of the game a little different from traditional hockey, but there are some fundamental differences.

General concepts

referred to bandy a winter team sport.Matches are played on an ice platform.Players must move around the rink on skates.Manipulation of the ball made only clubs.This also applies to standard punches and head, and passes.Goalkeepers do not have clubs, but in their arsenal there are special gloves.

aim of the game is to defeat the opponent's goal.The winner is the team which scored the most goals in the allotted time of the match.In international practice, the game is usually called "bandy".In Russia it is called the "hockey."Rules of the competition depends on the association, under which the event takes place.The regulations are very similar, but the Olympic Games are a bit modified.

heads the International Federation of Bandy FIB.By the organization of major events often connected Olympic Committee.


analogue of bandy known since ancient times.Then, instead of the ancient people used sticks blunt stick.The first mention of the game date from the 20th century BC.e.The figures found during excavations of one of the Egyptian villages, depicted people crossed the ball original putter.Something similar was found on the territory of the former Aztec tribe cheuka.We also know that in the same way the ball raced in ancient Japan, Greece and Rome.

on frozen bodies of water first started to play in the Middle Ages.The ancient chronicles of the 10th century can be found repeated mention of a game like hockey, although at that time it was called differently: klyushkovanie, pen, pot, whirligig, \ chase.It is known that one of the main fans of the game in Russia was Peter I. It was he imported from the Netherlands iron skates.In the 9th century in Iceland flourished game called "knattleyker."Earlier in Britain held the whole competition Bandy.Modern rules of bandy have been agreed and are formed only in the early 19th century.Regulations have put together the British enthusiasts.It was in England were first semiprofessional clubs, which have become "Nottingham Forest" and "Sheffield United."In 1891, Britain created Association NAB, which has taken on the duties of the official organizer of the competition.It was the British eventually contributed to the development of bandy in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and others.

in Russia for a long time remained hockey at the amateur level.It was only in 1998 in Leningrad, one of the central rollers, the first match on the approved international rules.From the moment in Russia, this sport discipline is rapidly beginning to gain momentum.

Rules of the game: the team

In the application for the match on each side should be no more than 17 people.At the beginning of the match on the field may be only 6 players, including the goalkeeper.The number of substitutions is not limited to official tournaments.During the stop of the match changed lineups prohibited.Rules of Hockey for a violation of the rules provide for the removal of 3 minutes.It should be noted that successive player must leave the field before his place will spare.Any manipulation of the composition held without the participation of a judge.An exception is the replacement goalkeeper.This procedure is only possible with the permission of the referee during a stoppage of the meeting.It is noteworthy that no goalkeeper forfeit.

Standards field

ice hockey rink with a ball is no different from the traditional disciplines of the ice surface.Field length can vary from 45 to 61 m, width - from 26 to 30 m. In the official competition standard is a skating rink with dimensions of 58 by 29 meters.

Rules Bandy also provide layout and field.It is identical to the classical view, but there is one additional caveat.The penalty zone is limited by the goal line and a dotted line through the face-off circles.The common ground is the venue for a free kick.

Gates should be the height of 1.22 m and a maximum width - 1.83 m.

duration of the match in the men's professional ranks meeting lasts 90 minutes.A similar time of the match and youths up to 21 years.Children's ranks include shortening the game to 60 minutes.In women, each of the two halves lasting 35 minutes.The duration of the break between periods depends on the rules of the competition.It can last from 5 to 10 minutes.Similarly, the calculated and the removal of the field.Depending on the rules of the tournament, it can be from 2 to 10 minutes.

noteworthy that the rules of the game of hockey with a ball do not include extra time.This applies to both male and female categories.

Rules of the game: standard

When the free kick all opponents shall be from the projectile 5 m. The standard is made from the place where the violation was recorded.The exceptions are the free kick awarded to the attacking team in the penalty area or over the goal line.

play behind the front straight is allowed only rivals, but does not protect storone.Shtrafnoy shot Bandy called shootout.This is an alternative analogue football penalty.Terms bandy say that a blow should be made only after the whistle.The starting place is the red line.Prior to the first contact all the players of the attacking team are behind the blue area.If the bullet is not a goal is scored, the match continues.It is forbidden to play the free-kick is allowed, by the way, in the game of hockey on grass.

Rules of the game: violations

Team members are not allowed to push or to detain opponents.It is forbidden to grab the opponent stick, cling to her own.The judge appoints a standard provision for the delay in the ball with his hands.In Bend to the projectile can be touched only with a club.Goalkeeper has the right to take the ball in his hands.You can not throw into the opponent's glove or stick.

Rules Bandy prohibit any manifestation of roughness on the field.For dangerous play or attempt to strike an opponent judge appoints an appropriate punishment.It is forbidden to hit the ball when he is above the shoulder.Do not touch the shell or in a prone position on his knees.

violations are considered Bringing a ball game legs and torso.Goalkeepers must throw a projectile into the field so that it touched the side.


In professional bandy judge has the right to disqualify the offender for 3 and 5 minutes, or until the end of the match.The severity of the punishment depends on the foul.Rules of the game hockey provide 3-minute penalty for an intentional touch shell hand stick attack on an opponent, not replaced, and so on. N. There is also a small type of violation include disputes with the judge.

Disqualification for 5 minutes occurs due to steps, push overboard delay hand, slashing opponent unsportsmanlike conduct.

for intentional rough and dangerous game, as well as for the removal of third offender must leave the field before the end of the meeting.