How to choose skates for Beginners: Tips and Tricks

One of the favorite pastimes in winter - skates.Many people spend the evening at the rink.Lovers of ice entertainment sooner or later have to think about purchasing your own skates.And there are a number of reasons.However, newcomers are concerned the question: "How to choose skates for beginners?" After all, is to buy a few years.

Why buy your own skates, and not to use rolling

  • Hygiene.The shoe will only leg ride, therefore there is no risk of infection by the fungus.
  • not have to sweat in plastic bags, which offer many rentals instead of sanitary sock.
  • Skates will be selected exactly in size and spread over time under the feet of their owner.
  • not be binding to the ice arena with family.Often small sites are equipped with free in yards and parks.But without his skates nothing to do there.
  • If you frequently visit the ice rink can be coming up an impressive amount for the use of the shoe.

The main reasons are clear.The only benefit of hire: new here can decide what to prefer (or leg).Even a l

ittle experience will help to solve the question: "What to choose skates for beginners?"

Species skates

probably all pay attention to the shoes skaters not like in hockey.Skates past very different from skating and so on. D. Each sport has its own suitable shoes.Depending on the type of load, using different blade sharpening methods, even the look of the shoe is very different.

In total there are 3 main types of skates for hockey, speed skating and the braces.Also, this list is often complemented by amateur (or pleasure) and children.What skates are better for beginners?To answer this question we need to consider the characteristics of each kind of ice shoes.

Hockey skates

Everything here is aimed at protecting the feet.All know that hockey - quite aggressive and traumatic sport.It often blows with a stick or board, is that the puck hit the leg.Shoes should protect the player from all these hassles.Therefore, comfort is often sacrificed to security.Hockey skates quite hard, they are made of synthetic materials and have rigid inserts in the most exposed places.They always enhanced socks (it is made of plastic).On the other hand, hard shoes provides good support for the foot and ankle, leg locks in the correct position.

Another requirement, which makes the game a shoe - speed and maneuverability.Therefore, in the blade skates have an arc shape, they also have teeth.This allows us not to cling to the ice, even at very sharp turn.The smaller the area of ​​contact with the ice, the more maneuverable player.However, it will be harder to keep the balance.

How to choose skates for beginners to play hockey?If you plan on skating rinks open, it is not necessary to buy a professional shoes.It is designed for temperatures up to - 5. When severe frosts the outer layer can be cracked.For street games is better to choose the model of semi and amateur collections.This shoe can withstand 20-degree frosts without any damage.In addition, they are insulated, unlike professional.They invested warm insole, stitched edges, has tabs to protect your feet from the cold.You can ask the sellers in the store, which skates for beginners will be optimal.

similarity totals.This is not the best option for beginners, t. To. Keep balance in hockey skates is quite difficult, so the first will be a lot of falls.But if a person is going to run on the ice with a stick, then you should start the appropriate footwear.If you already have some experience, you can safely buy hockey skates, t. To. It is they can perform a variety of spreads and some tricks to develop more speed and quickly reset it.In other words, they offer greater freedom of action.

figure skates

provides greater stability on ice due to a long straight blade, which acts behind the heel to 2-2.5 cm. The front has teeth, allowing to stand on tiptoe to perform steps, jumps and complicated pirouettes.However, it is this element gives a lot of inconvenience to beginners.The teeth may cling to the rugged outdoor ice skating rinks, which often leads to falls.But everything else figured skates for beginners - the best option.

Make shoes made of leather or substitutes.This provides a rigid fixation of the ankle that will prevent many injuries.However, horses are obtained thin.As a result of riding in the cold cold.The problem can be solved by using warm insulating socks.The shoe tall, dense lacing, which facilitates the control of movements.

How to choose skates for novice skaters?Preference should be given shoes with soles made of genuine leather.It perfectly absorbs moisture, which is important during prolonged skating.

Before buying, check the blades: they need to bend a little and let it go.The metal should return to the starting position.If left bend, the material used low-quality, better to choose another pair.

Pleasure skating

One of the most multifaceted kinds of shoes for skiing.Models may be similar in appearance to hockey, curly or roller.However, different from all the more gentle and warm boots.Blades can follow the shape of hockey, but in this case, the arc will not be steep.Or shaped, while the teeth or very short, or not at all.These skates are designed for those who are planning to just ride and enjoy a leisurely stroll on the ice rather than chasing the puck or learn complicated pirouettes.In general, an option for the majority of visitors to an outdoor skating rink.

Pleasure skating skates are designed for comfort, so the shoes have softer.Tying can be a classic, and can be used Buckley, like commercials.Then soft boot is combined with plastic.However, the fastener can break, and they can be replaced only with the ridge.Walking shoes originally designed for large cold, so you can ride in any weather.

However, increased comfort leads to the fact that the ankle is not so rigidly fixed, and this increases the risk of injury.Also, soft shoes imposes serious restrictions on the possibility of executing pirouettes, jumps and other rich content.All these features need to know to decide what to choose skates.Beginners should be fine walking.

Children skates

Kids offers footwear with a broader and sustainable edge.Also it can be used dual runners.It is best for beginners to ride horses at the age of 4-5 years.When the baby is a little comfortable with a new way to travel, you can buy shoes with a normal narrow blade.In this case, you can use the sliding skates for children.The appearance resembles their amateur.They are suitable for simple driving on ice.The stock at the sliding models usually 3-5 sizes.

If your child is planning to ride more thoroughly, the better to pick it curly or hockey skates.Depending on the sport.The allowable margin - no more than two dimensions.Otherwise, boot will hang on the leg, resulting in injury.


It is necessary to fix the foot in the shoe.Reliable features a lacing skates for beginners.Children may be interested in brightly colored shoelaces.After them so pleasant and interesting tie!But the best solution - ordinary cotton laces.Synthetic be untied, especially in the cold.Fasteners are not always fit, and they are rarely located.Well, if the holes for the laces are often located.This will ensure a secure fit and protect against injuries.Not a bad option - a combination of: Buckley is located at the top, and the rest of the control string.The shoe should sit tight, but not peredavlivat leg.Check the quality of the lacing is simple: in a shoe you can sit down and do not fall off while ago.That's all there is to know about how to pick up the skates for beginners.


new skates are usually stupid.Before you begin to ride, take them to the sharpening.Do not try to do it yourself, t. To. The procedure is carried out on a special machine.

There are 2 ways of grinding: a groove and a flat stone.In the former case, a maneuverability horse can go to the edge, he turns to 'bite' into the ice.In the latter case - the greater contact surface with ice, better stability.It is suitable for beginners.You can then reground under the groove.

Tips for Choosing

There are a few tips on how to pick up the skates for beginners:

  • need to go to the store to try on socks and shoes with him.The only way to find the perfect size.
  • Children can not buy too big skates.The stock - a maximum of 1-2 size.If there is no desire to change them frequently, you can purchase sliding.
  • To understand the suitability of horses, it is necessary to lace them completely.
  • Try on several pairs desirable.Then it will be clear what shoe fits the foot.
  • To see whether comfortable skating, you need to be like them, poprisedat.

What skates are better for beginners or you settle

In this variety is easy to get confused.So before you choose skates for beginners, you should decide what type of skating closer.And from this a start.So, if you plan to ice battles with sticks and hockey, it is necessary to buy hockey skates, t. To. No others can well protect the foot from injury and shock.To execute pirouettes, jumps, writing out complex shapes used only figured.Others are not able to provide adequate stability and fixation of the ankle.However, if no special plan, it will be sufficient pleasure.

makes no sense to buy expensive skates for beginners.Children will not stop no price tag: leg will grow rapidly.A lover is unlikely to be so frequent the ice.For beginners to ride smooth and even arenas optimal choice will figure skates.Ice fit for street hockey or walking with rigid fixation of the ankle.This will prevent injuries and keep the right leg accustom.