Tomatoes in the open field - a plentiful harvest

grown tomatoes in the open field began in the 18th century, as the popularity of this vegetable is difficult to overestimate.Because of the high risk freezout shoots, experienced gardeners grow seedlings of tomatoes.However, this method has a lot of nuances.

Soil Preparation

Before transplanting it is necessary to treat the soil with copper sulfate to prevent the disease of tomato phytophthora.The solution made from 1 tbsp.l.preparation, diluted in one liter of purified water or the well.One day before landing preparing wells.For this pit dug to a depth of a bayonet spade width of 40-50 cm. The distance between the bushes should be at least 35-50 cm between rows and - about 60 cm. Accurate measurements will depend entirely on the selected tomato varieties.Tall tomatoes in the open field will require more space than the dwarf or sredneroslye views.All excavated soil should be evenly scattered throughout the garden, and in the resulting hole to pour a mixture of humus, flavored with superphosphate

(120-150 g), urea (30 g), ash (50 g) and potassium chloride (30 g) - one hole.All the ingredients are stirred and abundantly watered with plain water.

rooting seedlings

Strong early tomato for open field produced by landing young seedlings the day after the preparatory work on the ground.If the grower prefer to grow seedlings in peat pots handy, we can only put a plant together with a container in the ground, and sprinkle it with humus.The edges of the container when planting should be at least 3 cm below the soil on top of tomatoes in open soil abundantly watered.

Some gardeners gardeners against planter directly in peat pots, as the wall of the vessel may slightly slow the natural growth of the root system of tomato.Therefore, there are recommendations, the Council removed the seedlings from the containers or cut its walls to make room for the rapid establishment.With regular and abundant watering pots themselves dissolve rapidly and will not create any obstacles for the normal growth of the plant.

care beds of

Immediately after planting tomatoes in open ground do not require a lot of moisture.Therefore, the plant should be watered according to the weather, but at least once a week.The roots grow up to 2-3 meters deep, so the demand is not very often, but abundant watering for normal development.To the wells do not dry, a good procedure for mulching.It is also bound to be a regular weeding and loosening the soil, there should be no weeds, no crust on the soil.

Two weeks after transplanting spend the first feeding tomatoes, fertilizers are applied through a further 11-14 days.Soil feeding scheme comprises alternating organic and mineral substances.Fertilizers are applied during irrigation.

fortnightly spend processing tomato preparation "Ordan" to protect the bushes from disease.However, spraying should be discontinued 2 weeks before the final ripening.Adhering to these simple rules, you can get a strong healthy fruit, even when grown in the open field in central Russia.