What a pilates.

What a pilates?It is a system of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, and named in his honor.This technique is a relatively recently appeared in Russia, but has become quite popular.For this system takes many Hollywood stars, famous dancers, athletes and other people who want to keep themselves in good shape and take care of your health.

Not everyone knows that such a pilates though this system has been nearly a hundred years.Since its inception it has changed significantly, but its essence remains the same - a system of control of mind and body.Exercises designed in such a way that involves all muscle groups.Thus Pilates is not based on a large number of intense exercise and the quality and concentration on certain body parts.

System features Pilates

What a pilates?This is an exercise for the whole body that develop mobility and flexibility.With this technique in your body again arises a feeling of lightness.This type of training is considered the most secure, because exercise affects the mu

scles gently, but it strengthens and tones them.

Pilates strengthens not only the body but also the spirit.The muscles of the body are controlled by the activity of the brain.The system is suitable for almost everyone: men, women and adolescents.Can be engaged with a fitness trainer, and yourself - at home.The level of your physical fitness does not matter, as these low-impact exercise.Spending on Pilates 10 minutes, you will get a great result.Under this system can work even pregnant women!Especially since the exercises develop the muscles of the pelvic organs, that is it - excellent preparation for labor.And after the birth of a child, this technique will quickly regain previous form.

What exercises include Pilates

Stretching, power load and proper breathing - these exercises explain that this Pilates.Most importantly, we are doing for this procedure - to avoid errors in the movements and breathing.During the exercises are utilized stabilizing muscles and deep muscles of the abdomen, which practically worked out in the classroom or the power of classical aerobics.

Pilates affects all body systems.If you aspire to restore the correct posture, strengthen the movement and stabilizing muscles, then you should know what is Pilates.It is an ideal technique for those who work a lot on the computer or spend a lot of time in a sitting position.For them Pilates - an ideal solution.

types of training in the Pilates

There are three possible classes on Pilates system: training with a special inventory, exercises on special trainers or workout routine on the floor.Remember that all exercises should be performed slowly, slowly, concentrating and controlling their performance technique.

Pilates Ab

system Pilates exercises stabilizing effect on the muscles, hence the result you get the correct posture, perfect abs and reducing the volume of the entire body.Before the start of classes is no need for a special warm-up, just like in five - ten minutes to breathe and you can start exercising.

To strengthen the press, gluteal muscles, inner and outer thighs fit the following exercise: lying on your back, raise your knees at a right angle.Feet need to lay down in the tracks, toes pointed.In this position, your knees should be separated out.Arms stretched along the body, trapezoid relaxed.

Now you can start to exercise - gently pull the legs at an angle of 45 degrees and at the same time straightening them tear off your head and shoulders off the floor.Secure the body to the point of maximum twist, and then for five breaths strike hands palms up in the air five times and five - hands down.Then lower to the starting position, repeat the exercise.As a result, you should get a hundred punches.