The monthly allowance for children up to 16 years: size

Unfortunately, not all parents are aware that it is possible to receive compensation on children almost before their majority.Today we'll talk about how to properly arrange the monthly allowance for children up to 16 years, who is supposed to and what documents have to be reserved.The fact that the majority of citizens do not receive such information from official sources, but the stories and advice of friends.Hence some confusion may occur.

monthly allowance for children up to 16 years, who has the right to receive it?

First of all, the basis for such compensation is the assignment of the status of a needy family.The duration of benefit payments may also be unequal:

  • in general - up to 16 years;
  • in cases where the child attends school (department day hospital) - 18;
  • in exceptional cases, when the child has not yet graduated from high school and is a graduate student - to 24.

monthly allowance for children up to 16 years can be credited with such categories:

  • complete / incomplete famili
  • children whose parents are serving on an appeal (conscripts);
  • working / unemployed, students, parents;
  • child soldiers;
  • children whose parents refuse to pay child support.

for benefits, you must have only two conditions:

  • average monthly income per family member must be less than the minimum subsistence level the adoption of legislation;
  • child should reside solely with parents.

monthly allowance for children under 16 years can not be awarded if:

  • child's parents are deprived of their rights;
  • he referred to the full provision of the state;
  • child is adopted and raised guardians, in this case, provide other benefits and allowances.

For the most efficient use of taxpayers' Social Security authorities have the right to inspect the living conditions and the content of a particular child and ensure that the benefit is spent as intended.

How to get

To find out, put to your benefit, you need to contact the authorities of Social Security (OSZN) place of residence, and to write the corresponding application, which indicate the average monthly income of a family in terms of each of its members in the past 6 months.

Documents in monthly child support to 16 years need to submit the following:

  • statement - a form you can ask for in a Social Security office, or download any Gossau;
  • parents' passports (copy / original), where there is a mark registration in a specific subject of the Russian Federation;
  • birth certificate (original / copy) or passport of the child, if he is already 14 years old;
  • certificate from utilities on the composition of your family;
  • data on income over the past 6 months;
  • employment records of the parents (original / copy);
  • certificate from the institution of the passage of a child learning;
  • extract from bank about opening an account.

On the basis of the documents submitted to the Social Security authorities within ten working days to make binding decisions on the calculation of assistance.You should know that the whole procedure of registration benefits will have to be held annually.

Some features

In some cases, some documents in the monthly allowance for a child under the age of 16 have to submit further.

citizens who are not married at the time of processing aids should be added:

  • certificate (original / copy) for divorce;
  • document (certificate) of the presence / absence / delay alimony.

parents who have the status of individual entrepreneurs:

  • authorization to SP activities;
  • income statement for the past 6 months.

Foreigners also asked permission to reside and other cities would have to present a certificate stating that the place of residence allowance was not appointed earlier.

size of the grant for 2015

Since payments of this kind belong to the regional, it will definitely be called monthly allowance for a child under 16 years is difficult.For example in this article will be shown the data for 2015 relating to St. Petersburg.

Thus, the amount of monthly allowances for a child up to 16 years in this region is.

0 to 1.5 years:

  • 2 thousand. 684 rub.- On the 1st of the child;
  • 3 thousand. 031 rub.- on 1st child from single-parent families or when one parent inductee;
  • 3 thousand. 463 rub.- On 2nd and each subsequent child, including single-parent families, children and conscripts.

and a half to 7 years:

  • 779 rubles.- For each of the children;
  • 1 thousand. 125 rub.- Conscript children or single-parent families.

From 7 to 16/18 years:

  • 723 rubles.- For each of the children;
  • 1 thousand. 45 rubles.- Conscripts children or living in single-parent families.

Of course, in other regions of Russia payouts may differ significantly from these.In general, the oscillation can occur in the range of 300 to 1500 rubles.

Payments do not depend on income

In some cases, the state is obliged to pay additional compensation to parents (benefit) for the education of children, no matter what level of per capita income has a family.Thus, cases and allowances:

  • 5 th. 311 rub.- Disabled child from 0 to 18;
  • 11 thousand. 966 rub.- Disabled child from 0 to 18 years old with special needs;
  • 5 th. 311 rub.- Child from 0 to 7 years whose parents are recognized as disabled I and / or II groups;
  • 7 thousand. 374 rub.- The same + the child - disabled person between the ages of 0 and 18 years old;
  • 3 thousand. 688 rub.- A monthly allowance per child from 7 to 16 years old when both his parents - invalids I and / or II c .;
  • 5 th. 311 rub.- HIV-infected child from 0 to 18;
  • 8 thousand. 855 rub.- A child with celiac disease;
  • 3 thousand. 463 rub.- Children from large families in the year 2014/2015;

As already mentioned, these data are valid only for St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia the size of payments may vary.

increased benefits

Must mention that in some cases the monthly allowance for a child under the age of 16 can and must be increased.The higher rate, for example, you can get compensation for a child from a broken family.This family may be considered the one where one of the parents alone brings one / several children at the same time:

  • has assigned the status of a lone father / mother;
  • one parent has died or has been declared missing by a court decision;
  • father / mother deprived of their parental rights;
  • court decision (order) for alimony from the other parent is not enforced in practice.

also increased allowance shall be paid to the child / children soldier who is on military service.These are sailors, soldiers, sergeants, master sergeants and cadets of military educational institutions of vocational education until the conclusion of the contract.