Word of the word: we select the synonyms for the word "small"

to fine-expressive means of the language are synonymous.They allow you to avoid monotony and stereotype, make it brighter, clearer, more beautiful.Synonyms are common language and contextual, copyrights belong to different stylistic layers and spheres of use.Their lexical proximity may be either full or partial.Let's consider the example of the word "small".

Grammatical categories

It is an adjective and in the initial form appears in the singular, masculine, is a qualitative forms of degree of comparison.End accusative and nominative same: a little boy - a small table;a little boy - a small table.The proposal is usually performed syntactic function definition or the predicate, as well as subject and object.Synonyms for the word "small" often retain grammatical properties of the "fundamental principle."

lexical meaning

Define some lexical meaning of the language units.According to the "Dictionary" it denotes someone or something small and corresponds with the words "slim", "short", "close", "ned

orosshy" and so on.. For example: small children, short stature, small sweater.

Therefore, so it is possible to name anything that is of small size, length, height, size and so on.Synonyms for the word "small" in the phrase small step: short, small, quiet.But for the same determination with respect to the token "house" they will have others: a tiny, tiny, toy, small, inconspicuous.Building a bid, you must comply with the laws of lexical compatibility.So, synonyms for the word "small" in the sense of "undersized" could be: a low, low, short, tiny, small:

  • The street was quite petite girl.
  • Mitrasha was short but stocky and strong, this mushroom boletus.
  • The boy was small for his seventeen-something years old, lean to the frail.

However, the token "low" has other connotations, meaning any moral qualities, or social origin.But in these cases, they can not act as synonyms for the word "small".We say "low deeds, thoughts and deeds", meaning that they are vile, nasty, nasty.Or "low origin" - t. E. Not small in terms of growth or age, and belong to the common people, the absence of a human noble, noble roots.Although the language has the expression "petty."So in the old days, and up to the first quarter of the 20th century called the impoverished or too highborn nobles having a very small village, manor estate.Synonyms for the word "small" in conjunction with the word "homestead" are as follows: rich, small, poor, broke, poor, miserable, meager, insignificant, unprepossessing.

antonymous pair

Similarly, the laws of the compatibility of work and a side chamber antonyms.Some of them are the common language, in any suitable context environment.Others are strictly limited scope of use.For example, a small (synonyms: tiny, small) home - traditional antonyms him: big, huge, majestic, tall.Contextual also considered: a luxurious, elegant and rich.By the phrase "little people" a great fit, great, famous or tall giants.

Here is an interesting word - "a little."