Flag SWEDEN: Swedish history in the modern state symbols

Swedish flag is among the most ancient of the state symbols.As he was chosen, and that represent its color?What other characters use the Swedes?

official symbols

Any country has its own national marks.Is no exception to this rule, and Sweden.Flag and coat of arms of the state have a fairly extensive history.For example, the blue flag with a yellow cross has been used for about five centuries.In 1569, a royal decree was issued which approved just such a flag.All military banners and standards since become yellow and blue.But only the colors remained unchanged, the ratio of length and width, as well as the exact appearance of the Scandinavian Cross have been identified and approved in 1982. Since that time the flag of Sweden has its own day of the year.

Herbie country even more ancient origin.Three golden crowns on an azure field used kingdom since 1336.They established Mangus Ericsson.At that point in his possession included three countries: Sweden, Scania and Norway.This is intended to identi

fy the crown.The modern coat of arms has two choices: large and small.The large field is divided azure Order's cross.Above left depicts bands silver lion in a crown in the center of the bundle and is divided shield and in the left corner - the golden bridge, tower, golden eagle and two Perun.On the small coat of arms called "trekrunur" depicts three crowns, two above and one below.The largest chain is surrounded by Seraphim and the Order crowned shield, thus symbolizing the power of the king.

flag colors blue and yellow colors of the Swedes directly associated with his native country.The adjective "blue-yellow" in daily life, they describe something typically Swedish, tying himself and his nation is with these shades.In addition, the national emblem, which marks the public and administrative buildings, also designed in such a color scheme.But what was the reason for the choice of blue and yellow initially?On this subject, the Swedes have an old legend.It is believed that King Eric prayed before the battle the Crusaders to the Finns, the Gentiles, and in prayer it seemed to him a golden cross, which formed in the blue sky rays.Swedish soldiers won the battle and became the heraldic colors.

Options flag

There is not only the official flag of Sweden, but its naval version.The first looks like a blue-and-yellow rectangular panel, and the second is made in the same colors, but with a serrated edge with three ends.Scandinavian cross that they both include, used cloth and the other Nordic countries - in Icelandic, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish.

flag of Sweden, photographs and images which are used in the country permanently, different from the flag state listed only in color.In addition to the official and the Navy, there is also a royal option.It also shows a yellow Scandinavian cross on the blue, but in the center of the image is added to the coat of arms.The public holidays, coronations and other major events, this flag can be seen on the Swedish boat monarchs.

Flag Day

To mark the June 6 celebration of the Swedish flag, the country has always declared legal holiday.Near the houses, public buildings and squares necessarily appear blue and yellow cloth, especially the patriotic citizens of the symbols used in Sweden more actively: they decorate their cars and doors, strollers and bags shades of the national flag.On this day, residents of the country are going in the family, go for walks or picnics, relaxing in every way.Often, June 6, plan weddings and graduation balls in gymnasiums.Practical Swedes happy to combine public holiday with a personal holiday, because of the positive emotions that are not reduced.Another Swedish citizens are very fond of all sorts of recreational activities, so Flag Day can often be seen sporting events to the public, are held in city parks.Their goal - to attract more participants and thereby improve the health of the population.Those who only became a Swedish citizen in this day solemnly congratulated in urban municipalities.In the capital, a holiday associated with the day of the open doors of the Royal Palace and around Skansen is usually held open-air concert.

history holiday

day for celebrations in honor of the flag was not chosen by chance.It was June 6, 1523 Gustav Eriksson went to the Swedish throne.Just before that, he broke the Danes, led by their king Christian II and expelled them from the town.These events marked the beginning of not only the Vasa dynasty, but the Swedish state as such.Since June 6 celebrated not only the flag of Sweden, but the country's independence from other states.Interestingly, the same day, but in 1809, a constitution was adopted, limiting the power of monarchs and separating organs of government in several parts, including the parliament, called the "Riksdag", and the Supreme Court, appointed by the king.