Compatibility Virgin male and female Gemini horoscope

hard to imagine more dissimilar people than Gemini and Virgo.Some belong to the element of air, floating in the clouds, restless, fickle in their desires and judgments, other protects the earth element, so they most value stability, permanence.Compatibility Virgin male and female twins, many doubt, but still, these two can try to save the marriage if not for life, then for a long time, for sure.

air constantly rushes aimlessly, a girl can not stay at home, she prefers to go to discos, clubs, going to visit a friend, and friends.Land prefers solitude, so the guy is not very offended if his girlfriend went to rest yourself, and leave it at home.He finally have time to sit in silence, pondering the mysteries of the universe, to tidy up on the bookshelves, Repair Service and much more.Is Gemini Virgo?Rather no than yes, but such an alliance is useful both in terms of learning something new, discovering a different attitude towards life.

Union Gemini and Virgo can not be called strong, but if they wou

ld part, only at the initiative of Air, as the Earth tends to keep the relationship in any situation.It is not that they are not interested with just partners often face a lack of understanding on the part of the second half.She likes to sleep late, but the man prefers to wake up early.He believes that the house must always be perfectly clean, and breakfast, lunch and dinner served at certain times, but it will not seek to be a good housekeeper, which may disappoint earth sign.

Compatibility Virgin male and female twins seems impossible, yet in the absence of negative aspects in the horoscope of the two can be happy.By marriage, they are treated differently.Earth too seriously the obligations incumbent on the shoulders of the marriage, so wants everything to be according to the rules with a stamp in the passport and the bells in the church.Air prefers freedom, therefore constrain take the vows no hurry, mark the document for a girl means nothing unless it is not a marriage of convenience.

Compatibility Virgin male and female twins can be made if they are more forgiving to one another.He has to give her a little freedom, not to bother constant lecturing and grunt.She should try to be a little more restrained, do not overspend left and right, not split apart and become a single person, because with a whole harem of the Virgin will be hard to handle.

Compatibility Virgin male and female twins can lead to unexpected consequences.Partners can, if desired, to give each other a lot.A man will give his half stability and because it is so important for her to feel solid ground under their feet, not constantly hover in the clouds.The girl will be able to show his counsel how life is beautiful, bright and full of surprises.Virgo and Gemini bored just do not have.