Scrubs of cellulite at home - to erase the problem

Cellulite - the nightmare of the modern woman.And how else, if all the screens illuminate perfectly shaped beauties and the hated orange peel no they do not.But the most persistent adjusted to light or heavy complex of inferiority printing and glossy magazines.Well, laugh laugh, and it really is a problem is quite pronounced, it brings a certain woman suffering - ashamed to wear short shorts and skirts, do not want to go to the beach.And it does not depend on the presence or absence of unnecessary kilograms, often relatives "Apelsinka" become just a pretty slender woman.Getting rid of the "enemy number 1" or decrease its occurrence requires an integrated approach - a sport, a balanced diet, drinking regime and effective scrub cellulite - to help you.

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Scrubs cellulite at home gives the same efficiency as expensive salon treatments.The main thing - the regularity and desire.Scrubbing problem areas, which can be buttocks, thighs, stomach and even arms, improves blood circulation, stimu

lates the metabolism in tissues, breaks down fat deposits, increases skin turgor, removes excess water from the intercellular spaces.Thus, the systematic use of home-cellulite scrub will not only make the figure more aesthetic, but also - as a bonus - tighten the skin and removes a couple of centimeters in volume.

Cooking at home

Scrubs cellulite at home should include a substance with light abrasive.With this role copes ground coffee (brewed thick can be used by drinking coffee), as well as oatmeal, salt (sodium chloride or sea, but certainly fine), sugar, soda, semolina or honey.When using dry insoluble particles such as coffee need to add to them a cream or oil.It will cope with this role any vegetable oil, which is in your kitchen, but the best option is the olive.It is perfectly softens, moisturizes and nourishes it does not cause allergies.Suitable also sour, the easiest baby cream, lotion.

Fragrance Beauty

To achieve a brighter and faster results, add the essential oils in the scrubs of cellulite.At home, you can experiment with different flavors, or combinations thereof as much as you want.So, geranium oil, citrus, bergamot, juniper, fir, cinnamon and nutmeg - the first assistant.Active phytoelements regenerate tissue, break down fats, improve the condition of blood vessels, clean pores.

using the correct

Scrubs cellulite at home will be efficacious when used correctly.It is clear the skin, take a warm shower, a bath.Then easily apply the mixture sliding movements on the body and slowly for 5-7 minutes massage in different directions.Avoid strong pressing too heavy traffic, you should not feel uncomfortable at the same time.Thoroughly rinse off the scrub with cool running water to enhance the effect, you can apply a douche.Wipe the skin dry and apply your favorite cream against "orange peel".Such therapy in a couple of weeks will significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite.Remember, strictly prohibited to use the presence of scrubs on the problem areas of any damage, wounds, skin diseases, varicose veins.Pregnant women and people with allergies should be treated by this procedure very carefully, but in any case better to get permission from your doctor.