The best exercises to clean the sides and belly

Among us there are few people who believe in something that will help them lose some cures.Most people know that to lose weight is not so easy, and it can be done only if the limits of their diet and active physical activity.Tom, what do you need to exercise to clean the sides and belly, devoted to my article.Let's just agree that we will deal with at home, without the help of simulators.

Hulahup - our loyal assistant

Many have heard about such sports equipment as a special wrap with pimples.It is called hulahup.Spin it easy.Doing this can be any woman at home.You say that too simple?And you try to twist it within half an hour.Feeling the burden?If so constantly engaged, persistent weight loss will be provided.Here you will learn about what else in the home can do exercises to clean the sides and belly.

Our goal - "wasp" waist

chiseled figure - the dream of every woman.And if the magnificent breasts and full hips lend feminine image of the girl, the fat in the waist area is able to spoil th

e whole picture.Earlier, I talked about how to clean the sides and belly hoop.Now go to the exercises to gain a slim waist:

  1. tilted to the side.Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart on hold, we begin to carry out the slopes to the right, then to the left.
  2. initial position is the same as in the first case.Hands rise up, squeeze the lock.We perform side bends and arms are drawn up.
  3. Exercise "mill".Stand up straight, feet wider than shoulders hold, we arrange arms wide apart.The housing body leans forward and execute turns, trying to touch your right hand to the left toe, left - to the right.
  4. Lie on side on the gym mat, hands behind his head.Raise both legs connected together and the body of the body, so linger for a while.We go back to the original position.

These exercises should be performed 20-25 times.

rock press

And now strengthen the abdominal muscles.Here are the following exercises to clean the sides and belly:

  1. Lie on your back on a special mat, legs bent at the same time and on the floor.Go up, trying to touch your head to your knees.Do this 20-30 times, gradually increasing the number of approaches.Exercise strengthens the upper part of the press.
  2. Lying on his back, knees bent, to carry out their recovery, trying to pull up to your chest.Do 10-15 times.Exercise strengthens the lower part of the press.
  3. If you have fitball at home, you can do exercises with him.Sit on the ball, hands behind head.Rises and falls, trying to keep his balance.

some valuable tips

And finally, I want to give you some guidelines to help you quickly and easily remove the stomach and hips.Reviews lost weight people say that it is necessary to perform a few simple conditions:

  1. drink plenty of fluids.
  2. not eat after six pm.
  3. refuse flour, sweet and salty.
  4. There are often, but a little.

So we tell you what you need to do exercises to clean the sides and abdomen, as well as about what recommendations to stick to accelerate and consolidate the effect of weight loss.