Fungal place in the Yaroslavl region.

south of the European part of Russia, namely, Yaroslavl region, is very rich in species of mushrooms growing there.Many of their species are listed as endangered (steppe morel, mushroom muhomorovidny, brown-red umbrella).Of course, local people interested in the main question - where and how to find special places in the Yaroslavl region.

Quiet hunting

«Quiet Hunt" - a collection of wild mushrooms, which makes this kind of active and healthy recreation incredibly popular with the locals, but also visiting guests love to join this leisure.

Do mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region?Residents of nearby villages and towns are responsible, that is, and in large quantities.They spend "quiet hunt" a lot of his time, which allows them to harvest 10 to 30 kg per year per person.No less popular is picking berries, but in quantitative terms significantly inferior fungi.

mushroom place in the Yaroslavl region attracts people of all ages and generations.In this area, just an abundance of all types of edible: ch

anterelles, white mushrooms, aspen, mushrooms, mushrooms and others.Most often Yaroslavl collect them for their own consumption, but there are cases where the collection is for industrial purposes, that is for the procurement database, and wholesale distributors.

In the Yaroslavl region a huge number of wild mushrooms, because the forest is occupied most of the area.Mushrooms in the forest, growing in this area, are highly environmentally friendly, which is important for the consumer.

harvest season in the Yaroslavl region

Yaroslavl region Mushrooms grow very quickly and in large quantities, so since the summer and lasts until late autumn of the season.Ryzhikov start their active growth in July, and continued the season porcini mushrooms.In mid-July there russules - one of the most common instances of mass collection and use.In the coniferous and mixed forests in the second half of July, there are mushrooms and chanterelles and svinushki, preferring to grow on forest edges and clearings.

Edible mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region should be sought in the woods in August.At this time, a peak yield of almost all kinds thereof.

Popular gathering place

Not one fan "quiet hunting" is not a secret place where the greatest growth of fungi, but beginners need to know how and where their best to collect.

43 kilometer

Do mushrooms in the west of the Yaroslavl region?The response from the local population in the affirmative.The most common route is considered and fruitful platform "43 kilometers" to the west of the village of Metropolitan.If you follow this direction, you can find deciduous forests rich in various fungi.The route is long, so the move will have on the road or forest paths up to the village, then you need to go from it on the banks of the river ligature, leading to the village Eldigino.From this forest road will take you to the south-east to the village Daryino.The route will result in about a 3 kilometer to the platform Zelenogradskaya.The length of this route is about 16 kilometers.

Village Sharapovo

These special places in the Yaroslavl region the locals call "rows".White mushrooms in places hidden under the moss in the swamp.These lands are rich in the month of August as harvests of wild raspberries.The route is as follows: from the Yaroslavl station needs to get to Sergiev Posad, then by bus to Sharapova, should get out at the stop "cemetery."Then go down to the lake and around it on the left and continue your route to the forest.

76 kilometer

longest campaign for mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region is considered the road from the station "76 kilometers".It is necessary to follow the route of 5 kilometers from the Yaroslavl highway.The best way to get there on foot, enjoy the local beauty of nature, breathe fresh air, but do not forget to look under the spruce.There are many aspen mushrooms growing.Next, you should exit the shore of Lake Torbeevsky.There waiting for a pleasant surprise in the water you can swim, ride a catamaran or a jet ski, dine.On the coastline there are kebab, cafes and restaurants.At night, you can stay in comfort in the hotel complex.Next you need to move to the north parallel to the Yaroslavl highway.After 5 kilometers will be the highest and most picturesque waterfall near Moscow - Gremyachy.Mushrooms in this land very much.

Station Semkhoz

«Silent hunt" can be started immediately, mushrooms are set, they are located on both sides of the railway.Follow the route must be toward the villages Morozova Vysokovo, to the west - on forest trails to the village Shapilova.


station near the village of Akhtyrka and Bugs west platform of 4-5 km you can find a lot of mushroom beds.

Station Kalistovo

mushroom place in the Yaroslavl region located in the woods near the village Artemovo west platform of 3-4 kilometers.The route to the East will also mushroom glade - in the direction of the village Golygino, as well as along the banks of the River Warri.

Station Ashukinskaya

should go through the rails and move into the thick of the forest.In the words of the local population are manifold aspen mushrooms.With empty baskets certainly one of these places will not return.Rest can be done on the river tie.The water in it is crystal clear, so you can swim.Next, you need to follow the route to the villages Martyankovo, Novovoronino.

station Sofrino

should move in the direction of 3-4 kilometers west of the village in the direction of the Metropolitan.

Station Zelenogradskaya

route should be selected towards the west of the village Daryino platform 2 kilometers.

Station Sokoloskaya

Driving directions from the subway station, "Shchelkovskaya" by bus №349 to the last stop "Shchelkovo-7."Then you can catch a passing car and go to the south-west.After passing a little bit, you need to get out and move in the same direction along the forest.This route can be done and with the Yaroslavl station.Take the train to the village of Monino or Fryazevo to Sokoloskoy.The journey takes 40 minutes.Then the shuttle or bus to the town of Krasnoznamensk, then walk 2 kilometers to the north of the river Klyazma.

station Pushkino

This area is recognized as the most ecologically clean areas of Moscow region.In these areas, a lot of forests.Locals claim that the fungi are a large number, especially syroezhek and chanterelles.It all depends on perseverance and desire.

station "Pravda"

collect mushrooms, you can go to either side of the railway in the 1-2 kilometer.To the west - in the direction of the village Stepankovo, to the east - to the village Nazarovo.

Given the geographical location of the region need to be very careful, because in the south of mushrooms grow false, poisonous in larger quantities than in the northern part of the country.Collect forest delicacies - a very exciting experience, but it is better if the first steps in the "quiet hunt" skilled person will help you in this matter.

Dangerous items

Very often at harvest in this region there are poisonous than they differ from edible?

most dangerous mushrooms Yaroslavl region - pale toadstool.Their distinctive feature - the ring under the bonnet and a thicker base legs.In any part of the pale toadstool contain toxins.Most dangerous amanitin, falloin, phalloidin, these substances are not affected by heat treatment and are well preserved on drying.

Memo to fans of "quiet hunt»

How often inexperienced people, neglecting the elementary rules of collecting and processing mushrooms, pay a high price, sometimes life.

's looking for mushrooms in the woods, you must strictly observe the precautions for their assembly.It is noticed that the fans gathering experienced approach to this issue is much more responsible and behave more cautiously than the newcomers.

Basic rules for collecting

main rules of the "quiet hunt" concluded in observance of the three main "never»:

  1. Never collect mushrooms false, who does not know or doubt them.

  2. Never collect old overripe specimens, they accumulate in itself environmental toxins.

  3. Never collect mushrooms in the vicinity of highways, railways, in the vicinity of factories - pollution.

Undoubtedly, the local population is a pleasure - to gather mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region.2014 has pleased a great harvest of mushrooms.Residents of the region should think now about their conservation.

Gribnikov often compared to the sappers, who can not be wrong.But for them even greater responsibility - they risk not only their own, but the health and lives of their loved ones.