How to grow zucchini?

Courgettes are wonderful, tasty and healthy product.They grow a lot of farmers.In order to harvest the entire spring and summer, the plant should be sown several times.How to grow zucchini to harvest feast for the whole family?This vegetable is a heat-loving plant of the Cucurbitaceae family, to be placed on a sufficiently heated by solar garden plots.The soil for planting should start to cook in the fall: humus to fertilize, make compost, dig in the spring and harrowed to do well.Planting courgettes occurs through germinated seeds or planting seedlings grown in peat pots on the windowsill.To seeds sprouted quickly, it is better to treat and germinate by soaking in a solution containing trace elements, or in plain water for 4 days at room temperature.The fabric beneath them should always be moist.

Accelerated germination

How to grow zucchini, using an accelerated method of seed germination?Good effect on the growth of seed hardening, which is made very easy.You just have to put them in the three d

ays on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, and then continue to the germination of a damp cloth until sprouts appear.Germinated plants are placed in the soil, waiting for the termination of spring frosts and warm the soil to a depth of 10 centimeters to 12 degrees.Distribute the plant during planting by over 70 square centimeters, a depth of about five centimeters.


How to grow squash in cool regions?To get an early harvest of vegetables in cold regions, the seeds are covered with a film of polyethylene, and in the afternoon, when the air is warm enough, it is removed.Produce plant seeds in the ground three times in 5 days to get the crop without interruption.And then to care for plants, loose soil, regular watering, fertilizing and weeding.When the first true leaves, the plants produce thinning.How to grow a good squash and enhance fruiting?To this end, as soon as the fourth sheet, it is necessary to remove the apical bud.The plant is required to be fed twice a diluted cow or chicken manure, then carefully pour over sprouts.It is better to do it in the evening.It is important that the water had a temperature of not less than 22 degrees, as too cold fluid can cause a disease of the ovary.Then each zucchini need to hill, a mound of earth on top of the hive.To stop watering is only a week before the full ripening of vegetables.


How to grow courgettes, if ovary formed enough?Productivity increases when the pollination of the female flower, and if the ovaries are small, the pollination will not be enough.In such a situation experienced gardeners practice apart of plant leaves, insect it easier to get to the flower, or used for spraying bushes sweet syrup to attract bees.

cultivation in greenhouses

How to grow zucchini in the greenhouse?The main rule, which applies to all processes for the production of heat-loving vegetables: a lot depends on the preparation of seeds for sowing.And if the seed is all right, then with minimal care can be guaranteed to get a great harvest.In the greenhouse, the plant is best planted near the wall, and grown under captivity whip to pass out.Thus, the "legs" of vegetable are in heat.Watering is better in the sun heated water.And for better pollination, as mentioned above, spray the pub early in the morning with a diluted solution of water in it a couple of spoons of honey to attract a large number of insects.