Modern philosophy

philosophy - the science that was born in the depths of centuries.It is an important and relevant at all times.Of course, and now philosophy does not lose its popularity.And nowadays there are great thinkers involved in issues relating to life and man's place in it.Modern philosophy evolved considerably, but it has not lost its value.Let us consider all of its features.

philosophy of our time is the set of all exercises.This is not the whole picture of the world outlook, and a variety of approaches to age-old questions.Modern philosophy is much more tolerant than before.Now, a person granted a right of choice.The modern individual can decide for himself what view of the world and man's place in it closer to him.This person assumes full responsibility for the selection of its world outlook.

Modern philosophy refused to build any precise systems.Thinkers have come to the firm conclusion that there can be no original scale, no absolute reference system.The philosophy of our time gave man full independ

ence.So, no more so-called "educators" in the face of the state, thinkers, society.Consequently, the responsibility for the life person is only on his shoulders.

Modern philosophy almost completely abandoned the idea of ​​changing the world, and any social institutions.Thinkers decided to eliminate the imperfection of being different, more rational and effective way.They came to the conclusion that a person must first change himself, and after that, inevitably, will change the world around.

However, this discipline emerged and their problems.Some experts even say the crisis of philosophical thought.What is the reason?Modern technologies are developing day by day.Life is changing extremely rapidly, as is the age of a real breakthrough in many areas.The philosophy simply does not have time for such significant progress.However, the successful establishment of its independent spiritual perfection of man.With all the technical innovation, civilization ceases to be developed without the non-material aspects of life.That is why the role of philosophy in the modern world is huge.

try to briefly review the main directions of this discipline.Firstly, it is analytic philosophy.It occupies an important role linguistics.Analytic philosophy has made little language of its foundation.It adheres to the direction of the rationalist, logical, research approach to the knowledge of life.

Secondly, this phenomenology.This line goes to the very depths of human psychology.According to him, every object and phenomenon should not be seen only as material objects with any properties.It is worth remembering that the real existing thing and its understanding in the minds of people can vary significantly.That the images of phenomena and objects that are perceived and committed person, put in its basis this direction, calling them phenomena.

Third, it postmodern.This is a very heterogeneous and diverse area.However, its share a common idea of ​​what you need to drop all the old stereotypes, attitudes, which now began to interfere with the successful development of philosophical thought.Postmodernism rejects the old tradition and seeking new forms of understanding the world.

Now you know all the features of modern philosophy.During this period, the discipline is in a rather precarious position, so quite difficult to clearly identify its main characteristics.