The philosophy of unity Solovyov

Vladimir Solovyov - is the greatest Russian philosopher 19-20 century.What is it unique?Solovyov received an excellent education, well oriented in a variety of areas, able to successfully synthesize knowledge from various fields and combine them into a single concept.His work had a great influence on the philosophy of the time.His main achievement is the creation of the idea of ​​unity of life, which is relevant in our modern world.Consider this question in more detail.

philosophy Soloviev unity consists of a set of important principles.Let us try to formulate the main ones.The concept Solovyov as it connects two opposite poles.Philosopher wrote about such a thing as absolute existence.What it is?The absolute being exists in two planes.It is at once everything and nothing.Absolute existence is devoid of all sorts of shapes, it can not be anything.Simultaneously, this definition includes everything that exists.There is something that would be beyond the absolute being.That is nothing, which is, is all.

first pole free from material form, it exists only in the form of something that is not expressed, it is the potential of the idea.He "lives" above all existence.The second pole, in contrast, appears to us in all the diversity of its forms.Absolute can be described as unity.It already is.The whole world, it's just becoming unity.These two poles are inextricably connected to each other.

philosophy of unity Solovyov puts forward the thesis that the Absolute can not be imagined without a direct manifestation of the material world.That is, these two poles generate themselves and smoothly into one another.All-One, which is yet to become, can be called the soul of the world, its main divine element.

God, according to Solovyov, has a twofold unity.That is why there is such a thing as the Holy Trinity.

philosophy Soloviev unity destroys the idea of ​​the creation of the world.According to the great thinker, God is, in principle, can not exist without humanity, because they are inextricably linked, it is almost one whole divided into two poles.

In addition, it is worth noting Solovyov thesis that the individual person - is the root of all the world's problems.Why philosopher made such a conclusion?We must remember that Vladimir Solovyov believed that mankind - it is possible to tell, a single organism.The triumph of individuality same repels individuals from each other.Selfishness prevents fully embody the idea of ​​the unity of all things, as the ideal world.

you can draw an analogy with the ideas of another great thinker Schopenhauer.The philosophy of unity Solovyov denies individuality, isolation of the individual.Schopenhauer called the same problem of self-affirmation, which causes people to oppose itself to all mankind.Russian thinker sees a way out to each sought to free themselves from the fetters of serious isolation and individuation.

what "speaks" philosophy of Vladimir Solovyov unity of the immortality of the soul?Here again, his ideas sufficiently contrary to Christian dogma.Philosophy denies the idea of ​​the immortality of the individual soul of the person.He wrote about the eternal man, as a universal individuality, which is a common among all people, not separate.You can specify another interesting point.The philosophy of the importance of unity excludes one person.Moreover, such a system, detached personality is merely an abstraction.However, Vladimir Solovyov recognize humanity in its unity a real reality, which only can be.