Consideration of how to glue the film on the phone

Corps modern phones more often made of plastic, at least - made of metal, even more rarely used other types of coatings.The screens also protect the glass on the more expensive models, and on cheaper plastic.Handset manufacturers are trying to make phones covering more robust and durable, but let the phone with absolutely do not scratch coated nobody has been able, and it is not profitable to sellers.And as you want to phone a new look and a month, and a year after the purchase!And one of the ways to preserve its original appearance is sticking to his case and screen protectors.Next, the technique of how to glue the film on the phone.

protective film on the screen is of two types - universal and specialized for a particular phone model.Preference is best to give the film of the second type, since it already has the desired shape, and do not have nothing to cut.If you do buy a universal film, the label must be attached to it to the screen and cut off all unnecessary sharp scissors.

to start the phone screen should be cleaned from dust and dirt.This can be done by using a microfiber cloth and a special fluid for cleaning displays, this should not have any issues, and another thing - like glue?Glue film on the phone in two steps: first, remove the first protective layer, revealing the adhesive surface, and the film is applied to the screen of the phone.At this stage, the main thing - stick coating evenly and expel all bubbles, this can be done by credit card.Once you have pasted the film as desired, you can remove the second protective layer.Now the film is fixed, and it protects the screen from scratches.

How to glue the film on the phone if you want to protect his body from damage?In this case, the best one is its pasting carboxylic film.As carboxylic glue film on the phone?This question arises at many who are faced with such a challenge the first time.On the question of how to glue the film on the phone, can be very helpful article by pasting film car, but here there are some nuances.

you need a carbon film, as well as stationery knife, a hairdryer, a solvent.Degrease the surface with a solvent, the desired cut piece of film with a margin on all sides.It is better to paste over the phone parts separately if his body folding.To heat the film pasting bends hairdryer - so it becomes elastic and can pull.The film is sure to tuck under the item, or it will come unstuck.Also important condition fining is the removal of air bubbles from beneath it, it is possible to use all of the same card.Be careful not to close the opening film of the microphone and speaker at pasting housing, as well as buttons and connectors of the phone.

Using this technology, you can easily stick a film on the iPhone and any other mobile phone model.The film coat will retain the original look of your phone and in case of scratches old film can be quickly and should be removed to a new stick.