City Oncology Center at Bauman: photos and reviews

Oncological diseases have become a real scourge of our time.Their occurrence is often occurs without symptoms, which means that the patient for a while does not know anything about their terrible diagnosis.But when the secret is revealed, and the person is aware of it hanging over a deadly threat, what to do, where to turn for help?Many people recommend the medical center, located at the address: Moscow, Bauman Street, 17/1.Cancer Clinic is one of the most recognized and respected in the country.Thanks to the efficient work of the employees of this institution thousands of patients annually restore the health and get the chance to return to normal life.


Oncology Clinic at the Bauman opened in 1946, when on the basis of hospital number 2 for disabled World War II in the Basmanny district was created oncological hospital.It was designed for 135 beds and includes a central city clinic counseling, organizational and methodical department.Thus, in the system of city health arose in fact the ma

in oncological institution reorganized later in the Clinical Oncological Dispensary № 1.

Dispensary number 1 on Bauman at different stages of development offered services of leading oncologists of the country - BV Milonova, F.M. Lampert, SL Mintz, Petrovsky, Yu Ya Gritsmana and others.

in 1967-1977 years at the disposal of the oncological institutions were two new buildings designed for outpatient clinics and diagnostic services.Later, in 1981, he was transferred to the building of the city hospital number 48 on the street Volochaevskaya.

Currently, the Oncology Clinic at the Bauman has 260 beds.Every year there are assisted more than six thousand patients, performed more than three thousand of complex operations.

scientific base

Consultative clinic when we are describing is the only clinic in the capital agency providing advice to cancer patients.Each year, this medical institution has more than one hundred and fifty thousand patients.

Since 1954, the Cancer Clinic at the Bauman is a base for the city of clinical residency on oncology, and also serves as the institutions intended to improve the skills of employees with secondary medical education.

Since 1998, the Cancer Center became a scientific basis for some of the high schools of the capital: Moscow Medical Academy.Sechenov Moscow Medical and Dental University, the Russian Research Medical University.Nikolai Pirogov.In addition, the clinic number 1 held various seminars and conferences.


Now Dispensary number 1 on Bauman offers 260 places for patients to treatment in a hospital, at its base is formed as clinical departments.Below we set out comprehensive information on the structure of the medical establishment.

address: Ul.Bauman, 17/1 arranged:

  • surgical ward number 1 to fight breast pathology, tumors of the skin and soft tissue sarcoma (30 beds);
  • Department of Radiology (50 beds);
  • chemotherapeutic department (60 beds).

The clinic at Volochaivs'ka, 36 function:

  • surgical ward number 2, focused on healing the pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract (30 beds);
  • surgical ward number 4, specializing in thoracic surgery (30 beds);
  • surgical ward number 3, designed for the treatment of tumors in the female reproductive system (30 beds);
  • surgical ward number 6, is engaged in the healing of tumors of the head and neck (30 beds);
  • operating unit;
  • department of anesthesiology and intensive care.

surgical department number 1

where patients help get rid of melanoma, soft tissue sarcoma, tumors of the breast and a variety of benign tumors.The main method of treatment is surgical department.It involves a radical surgery in healing various pathologies and reconstructive plastic procedures using microsurgical techniques.

work requiring special attention is the radical surgery in the treatment of older patients and the elderly.First Oncology Center at Bauman has established itself as a leading institution in the country in this area.

If necessary, the department can produce the whole range of diagnostic procedures, ultrasound and R-logical diagnostics (including CT scans).In addition, there are functioning immunohistochemical and histological laboratory.

All experts department, in addition to the active practical work involved in scientific activities of their profile.They regularly publish their articles in various medical journals.

Department of Radiology Oncology Clinic at the Bauman has a well-equipped radiology department.It produces radiation therapy to eliminate malignant brain tumors, breast, esophageal, lung, head and neck organs, colon, as well as in the treatment of gynecological cancer and oncourological diseases.

main methods of healing in the department are:

  • Brachytherapy.
  • remote gamma-therapy.It is used by experts and clinic as an autonomous form of treatment, and as a component in the complex and combined treatment.
  • Gamma therapy, combined with photodynamic therapy.
  • chemoradiotherapy.

In addition, it uses all diagnostic capabilities available to the City Oncology Center at Bauman.

treatment in the department is carried out on the best gamma-therapeutic apparatus "Agat-S" and "Rokus-M";brachytherapy system Microselectron, the produced by Nucletron (Netherlands);equipment for radiation therapy of the same company;X-ray simulator "Simulyuks."

All radiology doctors are part of the Cancer Society in Moscow and engaged in active scientific work.

chemotherapeutic department

first Oncology Center at Bauman employs best practices and targeted himiogormonoimmunoy therapy for lung cancer, breast and pancreas, ovaries, cervix, stomach, and when oncourological diseases, melanoma, colorectal cancer, and other pathologies.In addition, it uses the system, the local, regional chemotherapy.

Employees of the department actively participate in international clinical studies phase II-IV new anticancer drugs.They - the real experts in their field of medicine and regularly publish scientific articles in leading medical journals.

Department of Surgery № 2

Services has several specialized surgical departments offers patients Oncological Dispensary on Bauman.Clinic on Volochaevskaya, 36 contains in its structure 4 of them.Department of Surgery № 2 oriented towards medical care for tumors of the stomach and esophagus, pancreaticoduodenal area, retroperitoneal, breast, abdomen, colon and others.

The department uses surgical and combined treatment, apply a variety of types of advanced operations, andcomplex therapy and healing laser.

Moscow Oncology Center at Bauman practices such advanced methods of detection of diseases, as computed tomography, endoscopy, ultrasound diagnostics.Doctors surgery department number 2 are respected among their peers and are members of the Cancer Society of Moscow, the Association of Endoscopic Surgery of the Russian Federation and other prestigious medical associations.

surgical department number 3

It hosts all kinds of surgical surgical interventions for tumors of the body and the cervix, vagina, ovaries.This applies mainly ablative methods to patients after treatment in time regain their reproductive function.Furthermore, in office use advanced techniques using photodynamic therapy, and physical methods.

Surgical Department number 4

It also employs specialists of the highest medical category, enjoying a good reputation among patients.In their work they use modern medical technology, as well as their extensive experience, allowing them a glance the state of the patient and assign the appropriate diagnostic and medical procedures.

main method of treatment in the department - surgical.Here, patients are offered a full range of radical surgery for tumors of the mediastinum, and lung cancer with the use of angioplasty and bronhoplasticheskih technologies.

for qualitative diagnostics department uses computerized tomography, x-ray and endoscopic techniques, as well as high-precision ultrasound.

thousands of patients annually acquire lost health through the art of doctors working in the clinic № 1.

surgical department number 6

When treating patients here applies a wide range of surgical interventions in the framework of high-tech medical care, including the removal of tumors and reconstruction of damaged organsneck and head of any complexity, including joint replacement and microsurgical autologous tissues.

employees of this department are authors of original methods of treatment of cancer of the head and neck, and confirmed by patents published in foreign and domestic scientific journals.

operating unit

qualified medical service is renowned for Oncology Center at Bauman.The doctors of the institution do everything possible to alleviate the suffering of their patients and bring them back to normal life.In the operation unit to carry out complex surgery to remove cancer.It employs competent medical personnel with the highest qualification category.Many employees have a certificate in nursing operational business.

In addition, the operating unit is equipped with modern medical equipment and instruments.All therapeutic measures are carried out in compliance with the sanitary standards and requirements.Annually 1 Oncology Clinic at the Bauman performs more than three thousand surgeries.

highly qualified medical staff and an adequate fleet of advanced medical equipment to help doctors make the most labor-intensive clinic surgery, to treat patients with poor functional reserves or running comorbidity.

Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit provides advice, anesthesia emergency and elective surgical interventions, conducts resuscitation and intensive care patients Oncology Center, are in critical condition.

The structure of the structural unit includes six intensive care beds, eight jobs anesthetic rooms and intensive postoperative therapy, designed for eight patients.

It actively uses the latest methods of intensive care and anesthetic, which include low-flow inhalation anesthesia, intravenous anesthesia for a total final concentration of the target, and the various techniques of regional anesthesia and postoperative analgesia: epidural, introducer, spinal-epidural and spinal.

ICU full range of intensive care services and various types of intensive care used in a surgical hospital that meets the highest requirements.In addition, there is a well-equipped rapid laboratory that the clock ensures that all studies to monitor the health of the patient.

Paid services Free services to residents of the city of Moscow has Oncologic Dispensary on Bauman.Paid services offered to Russian residents who do not have permanent residence in the capital, and foreign citizens.They are provided by the patient's personal savings and resources of organizations, enterprises, institutions and other sources.Pay health care is for patients with benign and malignant tumors of all organs except the brain and abnormalities of the hematopoietic system.

Among other things, paid medical aid in case of Muscovites:

  • self-treatment;
  • areas for consultation by physicians of other specialties (not oncologists);
  • desire to be operated in an environment that can provide the institution, located at the address: Ul.Bauman 17/1 (Oncology Center);
  • conduct routine inspections under the contracts with different companies.

to the price list can be found on the official website of the institution.


popular among patients Oncological Dispensary on Bauman.Reviews of this medical institution is always positive.Many people owe their health, well-being and even the lives of its professionals.They note the high professionalism, excellent service, excellent facilities and excellent logistical base in the clinic number 1 on Bauman and advise everyone to contact (when necessary) there for cancer care.