Deposit and savings certificates.

Banks in the course of its activities, in addition to deposits and bank cards, financial instruments are unknown to the general public.Such instruments include a bank certificate.

So certificate of the credit institution acts as a paper that says that the finances are placed in the bank and it is this paper certifies its owner's authority.ID must be the owner to the owner of a security has received the sum of its face value and accrued interest.Thus, the certificate is found a document that certifies factor contributing to the credit institution and the authority of the certificate holder to deposit a sum of money, together with interest.

Bank has two types of certificate.This deposit and savings certificates.Certificate of deposit purposes - is a security that is designed for organizations and companies.It is available for up to one year.The difference between such concepts as deposit and savings certificates is the certificate of deposit is the destination for individuals.Release dates is also a

hallmark.The period of release - up to three years.However, certificates of deposit and savings are undeniable similarities in their bases issue and placement conditions.In order to produce the considered type of security, you must obtain permission of the Central Bank of Russia.The papers are available for a certain amount, but you need to understand that they can not be a means of payment or payment for the work or service.Interest accrued on these types of securities, called the coupon.Certificates come in two types.Certificates of deposit is passed on to other persons by means of assignment and a security certificate in bearer - the presentation of a simple nature.

deposit and savings certificates are characterized by the fact that the powers are transferred from one owner to another.When it comes to the login form, then the transfer of powers should be made on the side of the security working type, in addition, the nature of bilateral agreement between the former owner and current owner of the type of paper.In that case, if the transfer of the rights issued to bearer, then there is no problem.

To get the finances in accordance with the certificate, you must come to the branch or department issuing bank.The Bank has an obligation to the bearer of the document the payment of the entire amount of the certificate, plus interest, are listed in it.It should be added that the interest rate can not be changed during the period, equal treatment certificate.In addition, it is fitting to designate another circumstance relating to the securities under the name "Certificate".With his design for the owner retained authority early presentation of the certificate to the bank for payment.In this case, the amount that was paid, will be considered by the credit institution by analogy with the terms of a demand deposit, thus significantly lost interest on the certificate, which could be, if not for early payment.Savings Certificate as a general rule has a temporary residence and issued for a period of three months, six months, also has a ruble currency.

Despite the fact that a bank certificate - a phenomenon quite young in the market of securities in the Russian Federation, however, he gained massive popularity.It's all in a convenient, which gives the owner of the paper.It is certified that combines the properties of the deposit of the bank and securities.Of course, there are certain points to be when it comes to the differences of these financial instruments.Buying a certificate discussed above, each individual has to realize that he - the owner of a security, it has value and can be used at the discretion of the holder.The interest rate is fixed for the certificate, it made the payment at maturity of the document.Certificate of affected civil relations and rules of contract law, ie agreements inheritance, exchange or donation, as well as collateral.