Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Medvedkovo, Ash and Saratov

Russia has saved more than 100 ancient shrines, which are called "the temple of the Holy Virgin."This is the name they were given in honor of the eponymous Orthodox holiday.

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One of the oldest surviving temples near Moscow was built in 1807, while still in the village Akulovo, which is now called Odintsovo (Moscow region).Before that, there was a wooden church and the refectory, which, judging by the references in the chronicles, was built in 1676 by the owner of the village Akulovo Alexander Khitrovo.

In 1692 it was placed in the nunnery, where the benefactor was the mother of Peter I Natalia Naryshkin.

In 1719, the church was assigned to the Moscow Spiritual consistory.

In 1791 he took out Varvara Razumovskaya (Sheremetyevo), which bought it along with the village.Razumovskaya actively involved in setting up many churches, and through her in the temple began daily service.

akulovsky In 1812, the church was almost completely destroyed in battles against Na

poleon: he survived only by church utensils that Razumovskaya kept at home.

Temple near Medvedkovo (formerly the village of Medvedkovo)

Another extant temple of the Holy Virgin is situated in Medvedkovo.In the nineteenth century, its territory was built the bell tower, and then the building of a Sunday school for children.

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Medvedkovo - a unique architectural monument.Today's kids have great pleasure to attend Sunday classes at the school under the guidance of friendly Kopasovoy Valentina, who personally greets each child and communicating with parents.

Schools and clubs for children at a temple in Medvedkovo

Children learn iconography, God's law, the history of the church.And for their creative development at school has clubs in which they can learn TAT, the production of handicrafts made of straw and wearable sewing shirts for infant baptism.

At the place where now stands the temple of the Holy Virgin in Medvedkovo, earlier there was a wooden church.By order of Dmitry Pozharsky it was demolished and in its place build a pious Dmitry ordered to commemorate the victory over the Polish invasion in Moscow and its own name.

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Medvedkovo is unique by the fact that it is the only surviving structure odnoshatrovym.In 1652 Patriarch Nikon banned the building of the church such as the church breaking rank.

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Medvedkovo was built in 1634 on the banks of the river Yauza.Twentieth died in April 1642, Prince Dmitry Pozharsky, and exactly ten years since the death of the church was given a certificate for the consecration of the throne in the name of the nine martyrs of Cyzicus, the veneration which was rare in Russia.

in Medvedkovo is not the only one in Moscow Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin.Moscow is rich in historical churches dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and they are located in many areas.

new church in the area Yasenevo Moscow

With the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow Yasenevo the temple of the Holy Virgin was built on the money of parishioners in five years.Unlike the previous odnoshatrovogo, it differs in that is built on cross-dome type.Light penetrates into the building through the narrow high windows, which are located around the perimeter of the cruciform structure.

The fact that this church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, say the four stars in the blue domes.Inside the temple is beautifully decorated with mosaics.Its capacity is 800 people (total area - 1420 square meters).Decorating with mosaics - a time-consuming and expensive process, so Yasenevo temple is considered a rare monument of culture, of which the country is not so much.On its territory is built a chapel in honor of the Agony in the Garden.

on the ground floor provides a Sunday school and church shop.One feature of the temple is that there a space set aside Edition Print greatest Christian shrines.Anyone who is unable to make a pilgrimage to the monastery New Jerusalem Istra, will be able to come in and worship Yasenevo great Christian shrines.The temple is located on the street Aivazovsky, just behind the cinema "Hanoi".

Temple in Saratov, lived up to the present day

In Russia, there is one with an interesting story temple of the Holy Virgin.Saratov, in this beautiful city on the Volga is a unique church built in 1883.After 12 years with him the bell tower was finished.

In 1912, the budget of the church was about 6,000 rubles, besides, it was still a private farm in the Saratov region, which had to contain, but the money still was not enough.

What happened to the church in Saratov

After 1917, the content of the Saratov temple completely fell on the shoulders of ordinary believers - the church parishioners.Unfortunately, their money is not saved the Temple: Saratov authorities have decided to close it, and the building was used as a dormitory for students.The bell tower is a kindergarten.

In the 30 years building the bell tower was destroyed, and the church handed over to artists for workshops, who worked there until 1992, until he again returned to the church.

Archpriest Basil arrows and parishioners of the church restored Saratov, and in April 1992 there was the first service.

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin (photos from the United States)

Orthodox parish church of the Holy Virgin is not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in the Catholic New York.

prayer service is very small, built of wood, and resembles a Russian village little church.