What is alcohol powder

twentieth century for mankind was a period of rapid development and sensational discoveries in various fields of science and technology.One such innovation is the alcohol powder.

new invention

usual method of production of alcoholic beverages has been known since ancient times.It requires natural raw materials, special equipment and specific conditions for the conduct of the process.The result is a product ready for use.But it has two drawbacks - the weight and packaging.As standard glassware items liquid creates additional problems in terms of transport.These factors and have been the subject of research scientists who have set a goal to create alcohol powder.Advantages of such a product are obvious.Going on the road or on vacation, it's easier to take a bag of powder than a bag with bottles.At the right moment will only make a simple manipulation and the desired drink will be ready in a few minutes.

idea has interested many scientists and enthusiastically set to work.As a result, alcohol powder

was still created.Manufacturers of a new type of alcohol in every way trying to interest potential buyers.They draw attention to the fact that such a product will cost much cheaper than its liquid counterpart.But such benefits can not attract potential customers.

Pending sales

developers a revolutionary new product is alcohol powder like substance needed in everyday life.For example, the alcohol liquid may be used as a means for tourists treatment of wounds.And in the winter, motorists are specially formulated powder can prepare their own hands antifreeze, or, as they say, "nezamerzayku."It's simple, fast, no need to mess around with bulky packaging.The first plant for production of the new product is in the United States, in Arizona.The government has already thought of everything questions about pricing and taxation.This product may soon be on sale.To start with the producers intend to issue five types of products:

  • vodka,
  • rum,
  • cocktail "Cosmopolitan┬╗,
  • cocktail "Lemon Drop┬╗,
  • cocktail called "Pauderita" which taste very similar to the famous"Margarita".

interesting that such alcohol mixtures are not covered by the law on age restrictions.Therefore, young people can easily purchase such goods in the trading network.Perhaps this is not quite true, but the legality of such action is not disputed.

familiar principle

In our country, people have become accustomed to products such as instant coffee, tea or soft drinks.But few people know about alcohol powder.What is it and how to handle it?Technology in this case is very simple.It's like advertising, "Just add water!" In fact, nothing complicated.There are two options:

1. Pour the powder into a clean container and then fill it with plain water.

2. Pour into prepared water container and then pour it into a portion of the powder.

In principle, there is no difference.And in fact, in both cases will the same beverage.Very comfortably.No need to buy a half-liter bottle of vodka to drink only one glass.Why pay more?What to do with the rest of the vodka?

How will the situation change if you use alcohol powder?What will it be: financial gain, or the ability to limit their consumption of alcohol?Perhaps the one and the other.Or, for example, a housewife decided to bake a cake.For impregnation cakes she needs 100 grams of rum or brandy.Under normal circumstances, it is forced to buy a whole bottle, and this, of course, expensive.Using a dry concentrate, the owner can prepare a delicious dessert and still save money.Is not it benefit?

How is coveted powder

Many, recalling school chemistry lessons, believe that alcohol in the form of powder to make it is impossible, because ethyl alcohol freezes at a sufficiently low temperature (-114.3 degrees Celsius).How can survive such a powder in conventional home?Here comes to the aid supramolecular chemistry.That will help it deal with the fact that is actually a powdered alcohol.The composition of the new product can be presented in the form of two components: ethyl alcohol and cyclodextrins.As early as 1974, American scientists have issued a patent on an invention by which alcohol molecule can be placed as if the cell, a certain group consisting of carbohydrates, which can easily be distinguished from a conventional starch.

Subsequently, in contact with water the ethylene molecule "is released from the bonds" and converts the resulting solution to an alcohol mixture of a certain concentration.That's the whole secret.There are fears that some people may decide to try just to inhale the powder, thereby increasing its intoxicating effect.But not everything depends on the manufacturer, but only from the consumer.Everyone owns their own destiny and health.

Different opinions

Revolutionary alcohol was unusual name Palcohol.Since its invention to the present day society are irreconcilable disputes.Some argue that alcohol powder - is not only an excellent substitute for the usual drinks, but also a very necessary thing in those areas, and areas where the weight and volume are of great importance (tourism, organization of expeditions).But their opponents argue that all this - nothing compared to the evil that brings a new product to society.After a sweet powder that replaces one of the cocktails can buy a child, and to use it, for example, breeding water.In this case, the result may be the most pitiable.In addition, a small bag can be carried easily in any room, and it means that the consumption of alcoholic beverages can not be limited.People will start to drink everywhere.But what good can result in drinking society?Many countries support this view.For example, Canada has still not given permission to sell the product at home.The others took a wait.Perhaps the new product was not to appear on store shelves?Time will put everything in its place.