How to send the water meter readings via the internet?

Finally, technological progress and got to the utilities.Now you can pay for and provide utility bills and send the readings from meters without leaving home.It's enough to have access to the Internet, a special login and password.How to do it - you learn in the course of today's article.

How to get username and password?

In order to make the payment and send meter readings via the Internet, we need to go to the billing center SU IP and to bring your passport.By the way, it can make not only the owner of the apartment, but also the one who registered it.In the center of SU IC need to request that you provide access to your personal cabinet.After that, for 5-10 minutes will be sent with the necessary data and information.This will need to sign an agreement to the processing of personal data.Under these data then will be sent monthly readings from meters.Do not worry - no personal information will not be specified here.

How to send meter readings of water through the Internet?

So, after you have gi

ven a special login and password to send the values ​​from the counter you will need to go to the site specified in the list.After its introduction in the address bar to display the tab in the menu called "My Account".Here you have to enter your login (often a given value refers to the code of the payer) and the password that is specified in the heart of State issued in the IP information leaflets.If necessary, you can specify the area of ​​the city where you live and where you need to pass water meter readings ("Moscow, South-Eastern Administrative District", for example).

Once you have entered the private office, enter the data from the meters to the water (hot and cold).Send counter readings of water through the Internet is best not later than the 25th of the month.In addition, on this site you can see its debt and pay stubs for past periods.This information does not give you exactly 1-3 seconds (or whatever page is loaded on the site) when you pass water meter readings by phone.

What if I find it hard to remember password?His

you have the right to change immediately after the first entry in the personal account.When you enter into it, and send meter readings of water through the Internet, do not expose too hard to remember passwords, because if you lose you have to re-apply to the billing center.The values ​​and the content of the password can be quite varied.As a rule, a few letters, written in Latin letters and a couple of numbers.

Why not output information for the last pay period?

should be noted that after the first entrance to the office is not always displayed complete information you previously paid bills and meter readings of water.Through the Internet, you will be able to see them after a certain time required to process the data entered.Dates are usually specified on the same open tabs.Until that time, the information may be distorted or not displayed at all.