Holiday Dzheorguba Ossetians.

Holiday Dzheorguba Ossetians dedicated to St. Wasgergi.For assistance refer to it mostly men.It also protects the poor and can instruct on the right path those who are lost.This celebration is one of the most important in South Ossetia.Its preparation and conduct of a responsible approach.Moreover, Ossetians are so honored tradition that the festival has remained the same as a decade ago.


In the last week of November comes the important day, to hold all of which are carefully prepared Ossetians.Dzheorguba celebrated after the farm work and passes the same in the northern and southern areas.Moreover, other nations and nationalities living in South Ossetia, too, have a positive attitude to the triumph - for them it was the mother.

eve of the holiday, which always begins on Monday and continues until the end of the week, each family slaughters an animal for sacrifice.Pre Sunday called - "the day of slaughtering a bull."

Monday celebration focused only on the family circle.To the table is se

rved the head killed the animal, as well as three of the pie called prayer.Senior family says thanks and then proceed to the celebration.Women sit at a separate table, as is the patron Wasgergi men.

rest of the week Ossetians walk to visit neighbors, friends and relatives.On the last day of the holiday are forgiven, and it happens again in the family.

principles triumph

Dzheorguba - Ossetian folk festival, the history of which goes far back into the past.To the table at this time can not be fed fish, pork or poultry.The main diet of beef or lamb.As a main dish stands head of a bull or sheep, cooked according to national recipes.

beginning to start the elders of the family meal.They leave large pieces of meat and juicy young boys to a new generation growing healthy and strong.Women have not previously participated in the celebration, but today they also celebrate it with the others.

Even when Week celebrations end, no one forgets about St. Wasgergi.Toasts and prayers in his honor are spoken constantly, no matter what the event occurs.This could be a birthday, anniversary, wedding or corporate party.

History of

Holiday Dzheorguba Ossetians based on the Nart epic.He came to the country from the distant past, and today no one can say exactly when it was born the tradition of celebrating the day of St. Wasgergi.We only know that the very celebration itself has not changed.On the table is served the same dishes, principles and traditions also remained the same.

Since Dzheorguba - a holiday in honor of the Ossetian saint in this day to pay their prayers only to him.But notes do not forget about God.Despite the fact that the patron saint men and toasted in honor of women.

Who is Wasgergi?

As we know, the feast Dzheorguba Ossetians dedicated to one of the saints of this nation.This is a great Wasgergi that came their Nart sagas.It is often compared with Saint George, which appears in Christian writings.He is a patron of men, travelers and soldiers.

Most likely, this attitude to Wasgergi based directly on the fact that the saint was living in the same way as other people.He led a normal life, was a mountaineer.Even before his death did much good.As a messenger of the Most High, he always taught the true way to everyone who approached him.We can say that today all the Ossetians before starting to do anything, always enlist his support.

Wasgergi In 1995, a monument - the image of a man on horseback.This once again proves that the holiday Dzheorguba Ossetia really worshiped.Weight of the monument - 28 tons.Normally, when a car passed him, the drivers stop to bow to the chief of his saints.

traditions and rituals

Dzheorguba Festival is held each year around the same.The difference lies only in the fact that not all families can afford a large scale.After he will celebrate with family, Ossetians walk to visit neighbors.Usually, the people who are friends with each other, agree on who, when and who to come to the house.There are cases when the celebration of marking all thrown off.But modernity is not the old problems with money, so this tradition has remained only in villages and small towns.

During the celebration directly at the table a senior member of the family speaks a toast to the Almighty.The second glass of drink to the divine messenger Wasgergi.To each of them during the toasts with words, so that they keep the whole family as a whole and each of its members in particular.

in modern women also take part in the celebration, but they sit down for another part of the table.Toasts and prayers do not say, but can drink and enjoy an equal basis with others.


Ossetians very honored each of their saints.However, there is one that is closer to the people, the common people.Men travelers, deprived unjustly offended - everyone can refer to the holy Wasgergi in their prayers.And for decades, he always helped those in need.And the fact that the holiday Dzheorguba Ossetians still celebrated on a large scale and subject to national traditions and practices, - direct evidence of this.