Maasai - a tribe that has retained its traditions thanks to militancy

Maasai - a tribe of proud warriors, one of the oldest and most numerous throughout Africa.They live in Kenya and Tanzania.A distinctive feature of this tribe is that none of its members does not have a passport or any other document.That is why to determine the exact number is impossible.

in 15-16 centuries.Maasai lead a nomadic life, they came from the banks of the Nile.In modern times, many of them, without the pressure of today's realities, are forced to become sedentary.However, not all of them give up a large part still remained nomads.

Who are the Maasai?

Children under 14 years old are considered to be the most happy Maasai.The tribe does not force them to learn something, to go to school, engage in social work and so on.At that time, they just dance, have fun, and occasionally go hunting.However, none of the children abandons personal self-improvement, they are all watching adults, particularly for the leader.Seeing how they act and what they do, kids build their own model of behavior.

After 14 years of the next 2-3 years the Maasai walk and look.Gradually they enter in the adjusted structure of the tribe, where everyone has their responsibilities.Teens not immediately be determined from their employment, they are trying in all spheres.For example, one of the girls could become a cook, the other starts to look after children.

then in 16-17 years the Maasai get married or get married, build your own house, where he will live a young group unit of society.Gradually, there is an accumulation of funds.Since banks in the villages do not have the status determined by the number of cattle.What is more, the correspondingly higher position in the society.After the wedding begins measured life, formed a person already knows exactly what responsibility rests on it.And so it goes to old age.

Like the Maasai live?

160 km from Nairobi, in a relatively large village inhabited by the Maasai.The tribe has retained a primordial way of life and everyday life.Since the area where he lives, is no different fertile soil, people are forced to engage in animal husbandry.Your age, each person defines only about, he does not have a passport, and a calendar for the Maasai to monitor not used to.

Each village has about 100 residents.And all of them are members of this great family.At the head is the leader.Way of life, respectively, only the patriarchal.Modern man, as there are no wars, graze cattle.Previously, it was the duty of the fairer sex.The women cook and engaged in growing children.Special education also is not present, the young is simply equal to the elders around them mimicking.

three wives may have the leader of the Maasai.The tribe is certainly different militancy, but women are not affected.They deserve the respect and trust of men delicious meal.By the way, the leader determines the beloved wife daily.And his choice will depend directly on the goodies cooked dinner.

Wedding Masai

The Maasai wealth is accumulated through the sale of daughters.Therefore, a man who has more girls has a high status.The wedding starts with the groom comes to the house of his bride.On the eve of her father sits guarding the home (to daughter is not stolen).Before sending a daughter he determines how much the young man will have to pay for her cows.

Bride have to be a virgin.At the wedding comes a lot of guests, each of which gives the benefit of young little (or a lot) of money.All funds collected in-law.At first, she will live with the young, performing the work of the treasurer.As for the celebration, it takes place in the standard and usual way - away, the fun, the leading, national costumes and so on.

Terrible tradition is that on their wedding night the wife will not sleep with her husband, and a master of ceremonies.This is due to the fact that the young man did not have to see the blood of its women Masai.

If the warrior decided to marry again, the new bride he chooses not the mother and first wife.As things stand, and followed.That is, no matter how many brides demanded a man, they are selected the one that was initially zasvatana.

Power Maasai

are very distinctive food and drink tribe.Moreover, nervous people it is better not to get acquainted with the considered food.Masai drink is fresh blood.Sometimes it is diluted with milk.Production of drinking is as follows.A man with a sharp object punctures the artery and animal substitutes under the pressure of the container.The animal does not die, if only for the 10th time quench their thirst.Once a warrior filled his cup, he embeds the hole with clay, cow or sheep continue to live.

But to meat products Masai tribe of Africa is extremely negative.This is due not so ideological that they are vegetarians.Just livestock - the basic salary, and eat it - means to deprive themselves of status, lowering its importance in society.

Interesting facts about the Maasai

African tribe of Masai different wonderful traditions that for a European or Slavic people may seem terrible.For example, all the girls are circumcised together with guys.Moreover, if a woman did not do it, it will never take to get married.

Also, all the girls have to shave your head nalyso.Apparently, the men of the tribe do not believe that a woman's beauty lies in long curls.

Yet each tribe has its own distinctive sign - tattoo.They covered both the human body and animals.Only in this way can they grazed their sheep to distinguish from a stranger.By the way, if the foreign cattle accidentally fell into the tribe, his immediate return.No one has yet forgotten the Maasai militancy, even after decades of peaceful coexistence.


literally affects the peculiarity that has the Masai tribe.Photos of each of its members proves militancy and willfulness.It is also often viewed notes that they put themselves above other African tribes as well as Europeans or Americans visiting the continent.

Moreover, when in Africa came the colonizers, they really feared and even feared meeting with the Maasai.At the same time, Europeans have modern technology and weapons, it was a primitive tribe.It should be noted that this ancient culture still survived only thanks militancy and unwillingness to give up their ancestral territory of the colonialists.