Cottage Layout Framework

When planning timbered cottage the customer decided to stop on the technology half-timbered, it automatically gets some advantages not enjoyed by other building technologies.At the request of the future owners of the house to the interior spaces can be used free plan.They are able to determine exactly what it is, making it the most convenient and appropriate for their personal needs.Applying timbered construction, it is possible to replace the exterior wall fences with special energy-saving windows.Such a move is important for possible future repairs and work on the redevelopment of the home.Planning timbered cottages involves dividing home on the premises day and night use.The latter include an office, a kitchen, a gym, and so on.Disposition cottage sleeping area belongs to the bedrooms, dressing room and bathroom.These areas should not be placed on the sunny side.Exceptions can be attributed only to the bedroom, with the windows must be oriented to the east side.If lay-timbered cottage calculated on several floors, the rooms are in the area the night, usually equips on the upper floors.

glass standard is not suitable for the manufacture of half-timbered houses plan.The thing is that for such structures must be large glazed areas.Therefore, the glass must have the necessary resistance to shock.In fact, it is formed from a reliable transparent wall.Using triplex technology can solve a similar problem at the proper level.Such glasses have excellent strength, besides the risk of injury from fragments of the broken window is minimized.Triplex implies the presence of three layers of glass, and the interlayer between them provides decent sound insulation.Feature plan timbered cottages is that almost 3/4 of the entire area of ​​the vertical walling falls on windows.Basically - it's dull display windows.Their height is almost 3 meters.Such packages are mounted directly to the cell frame and then sealed with sealant.With the casings are pressed to the frame through the pad of felt.Also cottages layout allows the installation of windows with hinged transom.Similar constructions are used to ventilate the room.